Thursday, 17 September 2015

I'm a mummy again!

Not really, but it feels like it. I've been watching the chrysalis, the caterpillar had unusual colours. Just to be sure, my expert waited for an ID until it emerged from the chrysalis. I wanted to do a workout, and I put the toilet paper roll in a container, and asked hubby to babysit!
My workout done, back outside. Setting up the camera was tricky.

 I had some technical issues, at first. S/he chose a toilet paper roll in which to form the chrysalis. This was tricky for photography. I set up the videocam to run. I supplemented the light source with a flashlight. It really helped, but it was too much, so I put a bit of leftover screening across the glass. It was perfect. Then, I sat and read the newspaper.

I had stuff to do in the house, and went back to check on it.

If you watch the video you'll notice, at the end,  it was gone! PANIC! I rewound the video, and found it had emerged and crawled away. I knew that they took about an hour to stretch and dry their wings. Sure enough. There it was, hanging off of the screen I use as a cover to the aquarium.

You can tell its species, by the little white question mark on the underside of its wing. The foreside is a bright orange, with black dots. There is much variation in their wing colours.
Drying its wings
Getting ready to go!
Aren't they pretty?
They have a variety of shades.
This one is from 2014.


Nancy J said...

A tough start to life, emerge, dry your wings, flutter, and get set to fly away.Super video.

William Kendall said...

It is pretty!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
This is so special Jenn - to have caught that on film... very 'birthlike'! Great work my friend!!! YAM xx

Christine said...

Lovely photos, some see my art inspired by you Loons and Lily and Frog

Hannah said...

How wonderful to take care of the caterpillars and be able to see them emerge from their chrysalises. Your photography is great, and such a lovely butterfly. I don't know that I've ever seen one. Exciting events!