Thursday, 3 September 2015

Book Review: The Silver SHips
What a fabulous story! I loved it!
As I was reading, I thought that the plot was too complex for it to be resolved in just one book. I was right! It's a series. It's well-written, entertaining, thoughtful, and would appeal to anyone who likes a good read, as much as science fiction.

I haven't read much sci-fi, as I have trouble visualizing some of it. I simply can't get there. I like sci-fi movies, but found novels out of my reach. My family (husband and kids) loves Star Trek and the like. My granddaughter was Darth Vader last Hallowe'en!

This book was well-crafted and clear enough for a non-sci-fi fan to grasp. I would strongly recommend it! You can tell he is a well-educated writer, who has lived life, and understands humanity. His vision of the future is one I could not have imagined, but totally understood. I won't reveal much, as you simply should pick it up! I tend not to read the back covers, as I like to let stories unfold.

Book two in the series, LIBRE, A SILVER SHIPS NOVEL, came out August 1st, and book three, MÉRIDIEN, A SILVER SHIPS NOVEL, is due out in 2016. I can't wait!

S.H. Jucha has had an extensive career as a senior manager in the technical education and software development industries, with degrees in Biology and Broadcast Communications. He has been driven by an innate interest in computers since his initial adoption of an IBM PC in 1981. Jucha’s new novel, The Silver Ships,—the product of extensive planning, researching and development—is now part of a planned five-book series with a potential spin-off in the works.


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Hmmmmm - this might be one for moi! &*> YAM xx

William Kendall said...

This is the first I've heard of it- thanks for pointing it out!

Red said...

Sounds good. I'm not a sci fi fan either I like historical fiction.

Powell River Books said...

I read lots of sci-fi. Wayne's the fan, but I read the books he purchases for our Kindle family share plan. - Margy