Thursday, 3 September 2015

Book Review: got social mediology?

Social mediology*   => social media + psychology

Iszo Cover(Nonfiction – Business, Internet Marketing, Social Media) Whether you are a start-up business or a Fortune 500 Company, social media provides a platform from which you can grow your business, connect with your consumers, and build a brand—if it is used correctly.  
Got Social Mediology by Jay Izso teaches us how to effectively use social media to build relationships, not just numbers.

I was asked to review this book and found it interesting. Interesting, too, that they'd send a book to me for review, when this guy is famous. He calls himself the Internet Doctor!

I know I'm not his target audience. He is after those who are keen on marketing themselves using social media, but it was an interesting behind-the-scenes read. Entrepreneurs who want networking relationships, and want to find more clients, and bigger audiences should read this book. I certainly used social media in the marketing of my book. I learned a lot on my own.

Izso takes the first 48 pages to tell us why he thinks it is efficacious to use social media in your work life. You'd think you'd already believe, if you picked up the book. Eventually, he gets into the meaty stuff. Specifically, he deals with Facebook, LinkIn, Twitter (i.e. microblogging), Pinterest, Google+, YouTube...

There are many salient points in his arguments: for and against the various social media platforms. Izso goes through the differences between having likes on a Facebook business page, and followers on Twitter, and what it means for your business. He advocates for creating connections that will be long-lasting and lead to more networking and endorsements. There is a change in promotion and self-promotion, now we've moved to these new cyberspace connections.
"To successfully grow your business via social media, you need to understand how people behave, create, and maintain a given social media culture both as individuals and as groups."
All of these notions are covered in the book. It's a good read. He's an affable sort, writes well, and has obviously hired a good editor (my pet peeve)! All of these aspects suggest if you don't understand social media, this is the place to start.
  • He will demonstrate, through excellent examples, how you can "develop credibility and influence in a relatively short amount of time."
  • He will help you use social mediology to add to your marketing strategy.
  • Twitter is featuring paid ads, now!
    They realised they needed to monetize.
  • He will help you understand the various platforms in social media.

As a retiree, I don't use LinkedIn, which, with a quick fat thumb click, can lead you down a slippery mountain of unwanted email and it is intended for professionals. He points out the nuances of Twitter and Facebook, for example. My friends are heavy users of both, for a few different reasons, despite the fact that most of us are retired. This is something the younger, working generation doesn't understand.

I'm not sure Izso is in tune with my generation. My generation wants to have influence on politics, healthcare, and to support one another, have some fun, and find businesses that are useful to us. We are heavy Facebook users!
EdgeRank is a concept that applies to marketing ranking on Facebook, much like PageRank algorithm for Google. I'd never heard of it! That said, Market Land says EdgeRank is dead! it is interesting how quickly the Internet changes after a book is published!
You can find data on your account traffic...
Pretty boring for your followers, however!
There is an excellent index, as well as definitions and more resources, but, as I imagine you might figure out, a lot of this information is available through various blogs. If you want to make connections, or if you are keen to understand the Internet's new social media strategies, or if you simply want to protect yourself from those who prey on customers, this is the book for you!

I recall a marketing dude, trying to convince me by email to pretend to be his young, cute Ms. Muskoka for his marketing tools. It's easy to create a persona, even if you don't exist. This might be a book to let consumers figure out how to be careful!
IF in doubt, and you have the bucks...
you can find pros to do this

A local restaurant on Facebook.
What I like about its page is info on the hours,
the location, as well as specials
and times when they might be closed!
A number of businesses are posting
changing Summer => Fall hours.
Cottage Country shuts down on Mondays!
Izso says to watch out on Facebook,
but I like what our chefs do!

*Regarding the title, as a retired teacher, editor, and media-savvy middle-aged zoomer, I'm wary of those who don't bother with using traditional written language! Titles have capital letters. It tells you it is important. Pay Attention. Yes, it's modern not to bother, but this is a BOOK! (Rant over!)


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Hello Jen, thanks for sharing this book review. Enjoy your day!

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A good review, Jennifer. Not for me, and I think you've summed up why in just the right way.