Wednesday, 5 August 2015

What does the fox say? It says Happy Birthday!

Caitlin, my first born, will be away on her birthday, Aug. 16th. We had a wonderful celebration at our house. What a party!

Firstly, her card. Traditionally, I write a poem for a birthday card.

Caitlin's 36th Birthday

The card I found you'd say is true
The beautiful things I wish for you
Yet as I read and take its note
(Not just 'cause on you I dote)
You are those things that you deserve
Confidence, skill, showing life your verve.
I need not fear or trust your choices
Your girls you given brave strong voices
Your friends, no lack, I'm in awe of
You live within their joy and love
Our kids we wish both roots and wings
To bear that which the Universe brings
Amazing to think the babe I held
Whose little hand to me upheld
Shy, at first, with determination
You lived and learned 
Yours is such a keen generation
I have great hopes for us, our nation.

Her cake has been fun to plan, we try something special each year. Hubby does it all, most of the time.  Caitlin loves Cake Wrecks. One year we had the grocery store create a wreck on purpose!
This one was the best, until now.
'Happy Anniversary Kate' –misspelled/.
She hates 'kate!'
Then there was 'Rock + water girl',
(she is a hydrogeologist!)

Hubby took an image to the store, and they scanned it!
is the signal for the dragons to light their fires.

"The Lord loves Me"
Caitlin likes Game of Thrones. I don't even know this show! Hubby does, and found a phrase site. They are all over the web, High Valyrian 101!

Hubby explains the text in this video: @Vimeo:

First up was lunch, then dessert, of course. Then, the gifts.

I pick things up all year for the kids. There are always fun things out and about. We try to buy local or, at least, Canadian and/or artisan products.

We go to a lot of festivals, craft shows, and the like. It's very good therapy for both of us, see all the beautiful items people craft with their skills and talents.
My problem, it seems, is that while I buy things well in advance, I forget what I've bought. I stash them in a secret spot. The 'green' dress (her favourite colour is green) was a surprise for me, too. It was blue. Sigh! Gotta love old age.
There was also a few candles, I know she likes those!

Caitlin works, and I could not possibly pick out clothes for her, for the most part. However, we like What does the fox say?
That spurred a thought.

Robbie Craig design
I spotted this beautiful design. I ended up ordering it and Robbie shipped it all the way from Yellowknife to Perth. Thing is, I didn't know he was having a booth at the Stewart Park Music Festival! Of course, hubby took a picture of him with me!
Robbie Craig designed the scarf!

The fun didn't end there.

Hubby created loot bags for everyone, this the man who lets me have a birthday party for him for his granddaughters.  He doesn't like his own birthday. We always have Close Eyes for the girls, but he went all out!

The girls were given snappy glasses with a nose attached. Also, t-shirts, with #happy minions!

Following the party was playtime...

 This is the fruit of their labour!


Olga said...

What a fabulous celebration!

William Kendall said...

Quite a tribute and celebration!

E.liza"BETH" said...

i love birthday family get togethers. what fun!! looks like a fun party. ( :

Nancy J said...

Beautiful scarf, stunning cake, candles as Mr J carried it in, and family photos, what a wonderful day for you all. Birthday Greetings from me way down here. Did I read you are actually having a holiday, I do wish we could do the same. Maybe in summertime we will be able to go away together. Meantime I have a flight, a funeral, a one-day-holiday, then fly home. So glad I am not a business-person who does this all the time.

Gill - That British Woman said...

that looks like a perfect way to celebrate a birthday. A belated Happy Birthday to "KATE!!"

Red said...

I think it's important to mark a birthday with great celebration. it means we are important.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
there's a lot of 'awwwww-someness' here! You could start your own gallery with those artworks... Have a super trip West... YAM xx

Kay said...

Happy Birthday, Caitlin! What a terrific party and such a loving treasure of a poem. The cakes are just awesome. You sure know how to throw a party. How funny that I just did a post about a birthday party too.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

lovely family photos at the celebration

Debbie said...

awww, so sweet and wonderful family images!!!!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

You guys really know how to party!! Fun times.