Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Book Review: Cold War III

W. Craig Reed

Cold War III: How the US Navy can defeat Putin and halt climate change

This is a frightening topic for many. The exploitation of the Arctic, with the environmental impact, could have a terrible impact on our world. There are many fighting the west coast pipeline.

I have had several books to review, and things being what they were– well, I passed this one over! I asked hubby to read this for me. He is a voracious reader, both mysteries and histories. He is modest in his knowledge, I use him as a walking encyclopedia for history.

Here is his review.

A quick caution, I am an amateur student of modern history, have some background in transportation, economics, and know a little about American politics.

The adage that one should judge a book by its cover is very true here. I expected a sort of Tom Clancey story. Instead I got, I think, an argument that the Arctic has great oil and gas reserves. These are critical to both Russia and the USA. Russia is currently making more headway in this, and the USA needs to catch up. The US Navy is working on an alternative to carbon-based power. Climate Change in the Artic will change world shipping patterns and the USA needs to prepare to defend the use of those lanes. 
The author also wrote some chapters on submarine strategy and technology, which ties into his thesis.

For the subject matter concerned, it is a short book at 261 pages, but whether or not one agrees with his thesis and observations, it is an easy read on the topic. It is written by an American, for Americans, and promotes chiefly American interests, but does not demean the Russian perspective and in fact give it rationalization.
I would recommend it on that basis.

(Nonfiction – Contemporary Politics, Military, Environment

In Cold War III, NY Times bestselling author W. Craig Reed exposes Russia’s plan to dominate world resources and how the U.S. can and should effectively respond. His previous NY Times bestselling novel, Red Novemberexposed shocking details about a top secret U.S. Navy technology that allowed President Kennedy to trump Russia during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  


DeniseinVA said...

Great review. Thank you for sharing this book.

Christine said...

Great review from hubby!

Christine said...

Great review from hubby!

William Kendall said...

It sounds like something I should check out.

DUTA said...

What frightens me is the USA. America is the only country so far that has used the atomic bomb (Hiroshima, Nagasaki 1945) and she'll do it again if she feels threatened in some way. Why? Because despite its technological military superiority she doesn't win in conventional wars. Vietnam, Irak,Afghanistan are not victories.
Now, Obama has given Iran power to become a super power. Iran is also the kind of country which will not bother with conventional weapons; she'll use the bomb and I have no doubt that North America will be first among its targets. American people have to wake up and assess their real situation.

Red said...

I think we're much further along in climate change than we think. Even if we stopped emissions right now there's still enough in the pipeline to continue damage.