Thursday, 20 August 2015

We were airborne: YOW to YYZ and back

Old highway 16 crossing 416
 This is a post for my adult children, as well.
Century Rd. Oct. 1990
I could grow a veggie garden in those days! 

The above photo is fun. On the lower left is our old home on Century Rd. in North Gower (Carsonby), with old highway 16, Car Canada, in the central spot of the photo. I moved here with my first husband, Pat (1950 - 2014) and 3 kids in 1989-ish, after selling our house in Nepean. He entered a Schick razor blade contest, and won a silver-coloured Mercedez 450SL car.

We paid off the mortgage with the money we made selling the car. The insurance for the car ran about $2000/month! At that time mortgage rates were around 22%, although they were beginning to lower.  I was doing supply teaching, and we moved to the country. The neighbour babysat our kids, Jess was in kindergarten. my youngest in nursery school. At that time, I secured a contract, teaching 3/4 time: Ramsayville school; kindergarten in the morning and grade 3 English to a French Immersion class in the first quarter of the afternoon. I could be home when the kids arrived from school!
I remember long drives, in the fog, through the village of Manotick, to my first ever teaching assignment. We made friends with two other local teachers, Pat ended up marrying one of them (Sharon) after she divorced. Isn't life funny? The other teacher was Jess' SK teacher, Isobelle Eastman, who wrote a book about the funny things her students used to say.

But I digress in old memories, sorry for that...back to my in-flight photos! I love the view from up above. I apologise for two posts a day, but life is short, and I want to post my photos for hubby! He kindly lets me have the window seat across the 4360 km!

I watched 4 movies going to and fro. Two were smaller NFB films, and it was fun just veging out on the long (5-hour) flights.
  • October Gale (see below!)
  • Introducing Dorothy Dandridge (1999) - this was excellent. A contemporary of Marilyn Monroe, and Ava Gardner, Dandridge (1922 -  1965) was the first black actress to secure a Best Actress nomination in 1954 for Carmen Jones. She had to fight racism and whites only facilities. It was moving and sad.
Biopic of the multi-talented African-American singer/dancer/actress Dorothy Dandridge. As a teenager, she was part of The Dandridge Sisters night club where she met her first husband, Harold Nicholas.


Nancy J said...

long flight, 4 times the distance from Auckland to Dunedin!!!Super photos, and you did have a grand seat to get those shots. When I flew back home, as we left Auckland and flew over the Manukau Harbour, I tried to find the area where I lived as a child, but we were too far to the East.

William Kendall said...

Great views from up high!

Red said...

Looking at clouds from above is really cool although I prefer riding in small planes.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Beautiful park... and am always in favour of aerial shots! YAM xx

DUTA said...

Frankly, I don't like the window seat and don't like to watch movies during the flight. Probably , deep in my subconscious, the flight is only a neccessity not a pleasure, and the two are not to be combined.

Your arial photos are quite amazing.

EG CameraGirl said...

Neat shots from the air!