Monday, 20 July 2015

Stewart Park Music Festival 2015

This is an amazing free festival! Entry by donation only!

Bandshell beside Stewart park
Usually, I have a massage in the bandstand (11:00 first thing), when there isn't a line-up. We do a walkabout, and we check out the artisans. Since I haven't been able to schedule a full massage, what with medical appointments scheduled at the drop of a hat (mostly cancellations where they fit us in ASAP). I went to the bandshell where they had Carolyn Lunn (Reiki), Margaret ( touch therapy) were there, set-up, in good time. I had 20 minutes with both of them. People keep asking me what I'm doing for myself, this is it. These are trusted complimentary therapies for many people, especially caregivers.

The massage therapist and reflexology peeps weren't there. They arrived around noon, and went off for food, then took some time to set-up. I was disappointed. With all the driving we've been doing into hospitals, my shoulders were really tight and I have crunchy nuggets in my shoulder blades. Off for our walkabout.

A young artist I follow on Facebook, Robbie Craig, was here from Yellowknife! We bought a scarf from him for JB's aunt. He has young children, and his wife suggested he do a fox (You know, 'What does the fox say?') He was reluctant, but says that it is quite a hit with many.

There was a rescue for a motorized boat on the Tay River. That was quite exciting to have the tug boats tug the upside boats to shore! There were lots of interesting-looking people. We were a bit early for the real hippies, not the young wannabe ones, as the region is a great one for unique characters!

Afterwards, we walked over to our favourite pub! Sarah was there. She is a character. We were in there one time and a man was talking loudly on his cell phone. He was not necessarily drunk, but belligerent and swearing on the phone to someone. She kindly went over to him and managed to tell him to leave. Bless her heart!


eileeninmd said...

What a fun day and festival. The beer looks yummy too. Have a great new week!

Nancy J said...

FOUR glasses on your tray? Maybe one for everyone of all for you? I see it is almost 11 a.m Monday your time, isn't Google wonderful for all this info? Looks a great place to visit, pity about missing the massage you wanted. Hugs. p.s. sent a loooong email.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Now that looks like my kinda outing! Great therapies to have, though a shame the 'masseusourie' were apparently uninterested in business! The beers would help though... YAM xx

William Kendall said...

It looks like it was a busy spot!

Red said...

It sounds like this was a good event to go to.

Gill - That British Woman said...

I am like Nancy FOUR GLASSES!!! I hope you weren't driving? Looks like a lovely festival.