Thursday, 23 July 2015

Day 4 Babysitting: tree frog, train museum

That was a slow morning. Grampa took off for Meals on Wheels. We eased into the day. I managed to braid hair. Everyone got dressed. Jos has been amazing, she made herself a positive reinforcement checklist. She made a cat coat for her new stuffed cat. She's been wonderful with her little sister, who misses her routines, methinks.

Dorah was cleaning up after breakfast.

Next, it was time to play Empress. That lasted a short time!

Around to the goldfish pond, where this silly lilly was at attention. She was allowed to pick one Catalpa tree leaf.

I asked if Isabelle wanted to see the tree frog. He sleeps during the day, behind these wall decorations.
We played Hot and Cold. You know, 'You're getting warmer!' She figured it out.

Isabelle, always ready to put on a bandaid! Then they cleaned Grampa's fountain, again. Jos and I began writing a play. Fire Girl and Water Girl Superheroes.

Lunch on the lower deck. Isabelle didn't like her 'lettuce' (which was truthfully baby spinach). Jos wasn't hungry.

New idea: I'm going to make them skirts! "News and film at 11:00!" After that we went to Van Clief park. At this point Jos didn't want to go to the train museum. We decided to approach it slowly.

Jos, being 7 going on 10, didn't want to go. We parked, and I said that she and I could sit here, while Isabelle and Grampa went in. Grampa loves trains! Grampa suggested he couldn't lift Isabelle up onto things (his back is bad). I would have to take her.
Then, I said it was pretty hot in the sun. What if Grampa and Jos stay in the souvenir shop?
That worked. We checked out the things. Then, Jos thought she'd go into the museum, too! Whew! It was a hit, as she let herself be a 7-year-old again!

This was fun! For $2.25 each, we could go on this vehicle with a staff member! This was a hit. At first Isabelle didn't want to go, then she changed her mind.

Lots of pigeons. I took some photos, while the others watched the new video showing the snow clearing train clearing snow.

Poor grampa was so tired. He went down well! He's been unable to have his regular nap these days. Such wonderful memories! It makes you young to see the world through little kids' eyes. After dinner, we Skyped with Mommy and Papa. The tattle tales showed off the candy we'd bought at the candy store! Mine was in a wine glass!


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
What wonderful memories being created... that museum looks 'the business', my kinda place! YAM xx

Nancy J said...

Your photos are great, but OH MY, your words make it all come to life so well. I could be there hearing every word, a sigh of relief now and then, and Mr J., he does so well. Hang in there Jenn., holidays are special, and when the littlies go home, rest and relax till Monday's next appt. By that time down here, your Monday is our Tuesday, surgery will all be over. Hugs to you all.

William Kendall said...

It looks like they had a ball at the museum. Quite a place for a tree frog to rest.

eileeninmd said...

Another fun day with the girls, wonderful collection of photos and memory keepers. Have a happy weekend ahead!

Red said...

What a fun place to take kids. They'll remember this for along time.