Friday, 24 July 2015

Babysitting Day 5

Bedtime Routine Day 4

The night before was special. Daisy cat is wee, and a bit unsure of herself with energetic kiddies. Josephine and Grampa Joe were watching Jeopardy. I was doing the bedtime routine with Isabelle. Sleep hygiene is important!

First, evening ablutions: teeth and jammies! There was a quickie bath involved, then dried off and into bed, and two stories. I visit garage sales and pick up books for this. I gave so many away over the years, between taking them into my classrooms, once my kids were done with them at home.

After book stories, the ritual is a 'Gramma story.' I make them up. Usually involving their imaginary
horse. Jos is too old for this. She's happy building a routine with grampa. Iz and I snuggled up, both of us took off our glasses, for more relaxation. I never know where the story leads.

Usually, in my Gramma stories, the girls call out to their flying horse buddy and he takes them to Gramma & Grampa's house. As we snuggled, I could hear Daisy meowing in the doorway. I called to her. She snuggled in behind my knees. She wanted to listen, too!

 I had some inspiration for my story.
As I began, Iz said I couldn't have the story real, with Daisy in it, making Daisy coming into the room was real and this can't be what was happening in our pretend story. It's so funny. I didn't know there were rules!!!

Daisy and Iz called to their mythical flying horse, "Nebuchadnezzar! Nebuchadnezzar!", and they flew into the forest to see the animals picnic.

Day 5

TV breakfast: we are, after all, on vacay! They've been in day camps during the summer. I've heard people complaining about day care centres closing all over the province, what with full-day kindergarten. It's a shame as there is such an impact on a lot of people, mostly women.
Mommy is a hydrogeologist, and works a 4-day week. Papa is a software encryption engineer (also the Green party candidate in his riding)! They are a busy family. We're just hangin' around here! No presure, just fun! "What happens at Gramma's stays at Gramma's!"

CBC has some fun morning shows. Who knew? Our tax dollars at work. The Mighty Moblees! (We won't tell Jos it's for kids ages 3 - 6!) Iz in the purple moblee! Grampa is the caterpillar and I am the butterfly!

Then there are The Adventures of Napkin Man, with Yannick Bisson. Personally, watching him do the Chicken Dance, singing, just talking. I'd watch him read the telephone book!

The Mighty Moblees

I am a Moblee.
Healthy and strong!
I promise to move,
All day long!
Move, Mighty Moblees
Mighty Moblees Move!

Toast & strawberries from Miller's Bay farm!
Shop locovore!
We had some peaches & cream later, too!

The Adventures of Napkin Man,
AKA stud muffin.
He has such a mellifluous voice!

They have some fun flash cards themed around emotions. You can print them.

Apparently last year's iMovie, Foam Girls, cannot be reprised. We're too old for that one.
Foam snuck into their play, though. Just this once, all week.

After a bath (the kiddie pool was too cold), we began reworking our latest movie. It's called Water Girl and Fire Girl.
This is Water Girl.
It's still in progress, I made it into a PPT,
with some photos for individual scenes.

We took a brief break for lunch. Isabelle liked her Els. We brainstormed 'L' words.

Annabelle ("Her names rhymes with mine, Gramma!" said Isabelle), adores Jos and follows her everywhere.

A grasshopper took our attention. We redid our nails, by the way. I accidentally did Iz's thumb. That was bad!

Iz practiced her paddling skills in the pool.

Isabelle helped me water.

Dinner at Fiddleheads. They have a great kids menu, printed on a placemat with words and images. Service was better than the last time we were here. That's not saying much, though. The patio is first come, first served. One server brought us water, another menus. Then they divided their attention. I would prefer if one server took the patio customers, the others worked tables indoors. Just sayin', as a customer. Our waters weren't refilled through the meal.

The conversations around us were fun. The first people next to us were getting ready for a wedding the nest day. It's fun talking with people who are excited. We wished them well. They were all tucked into the nearby Inn, with family and friends. Thursday night was the rehearsal, and Megan gets married today, Friday! Nice looking groomsmen!

Then, there were three women trying to one up each one's trips abroad, regaling friends with the trials and tribulations of being in the Caribbean. They they were discussing how a certain family they knew would get tattoos each time someone in their family died. Grampa and I were giggling. sigh. Thankfully, we didn't have to explain all this to the girls! We kept up our silly conversations about food, and fun.


Sarah Laurence said...

You are clearly a wonderful grandma. Lucky kids!

William Kendall said...

Such fun shots- my favourite features Annabelle with Jos.

Nancy J said...

Was this all in one day? I am exhausted at the thought of it all, you do so well, and these holidays are for memories always. Do you keep all your words, photos and drawings? Family times is fun, and I love Annabelle in the grass. Take care, rest when you can. Will the littlies be home when you have the next Monday appt?

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Busy busy busy
Little Jos and Izzy
Gramma takes the lead
Stories, nails and feed.
Fun is had by all
in the weeks before the 'fall'.
Hugs, YAM xx

Christine said...

These are wonderful times, thanks for sharing Jenn!

Christine said...

These are wonderful times, thanks for sharing Jenn.

Debbie said...

ooooh my, those kids are never going to want to leave....and honestly, forget them, can i come stay with you??

awesome job grandma, what a wonderful time they are having!!!

Red said...

These kids have a lot of stuff to play with and much of it makes them use imagination. Fun times.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Hard to tell who is having more fun at Grandma and Grandpa's Sleepover Camp! The kids or the grownups! And that's a wonderful thing. All four of you are lucky!