Saturday, 18 July 2015

Another marathon medical moment

Two passing, one oncoming!
Friday, July 17th, we had medical appointment #XL and Bone Scan #4. (Using Roman Numerals is keeping me sharp! I loved teaching math!) It's been a long journey. We needed more diagnostic imaging, and were referred to Queensway-Carleton hospital. The process is complex.

 5:30 a.m. popped out of bed, I've been getting up early lately. Hubby always wakes 15 minutes before the alarm rings, he's just peculiar that way. He woke right on time today.

6:44 a.m. left house, lots of traffic as it's rush hour. Too many people passing.

 7:55 We went to the main desk, but we were supposed to be at Diagnostic Imaging reception. The volunteers weren't there, yet. The gift shop wasn't open, either!

Across the hall we went. The clerk was a card, and we joked. She asked if our address was on Pineglen. We said no, that was two houses ago! She had our new address on file, which we  confirmed. Files must cross-reference as she then asked: "And do you still have Jennifer?"
"Yes!" Everyone in the room giggled!
 "And is her phone # 705-762-XXXX?"
"No! That's Bala (where we were from 2004 - 2012)!" We got it all straightened out.

Off we went. Turn right, 2nd door on the left.

 8:00 in waiting room. Only one other patient. A young man, my daughter's age. He watched our antics, laughing with us.
WiFi access in the hospital makes it easier!

 I went for brekkies, Timmy Ho's is in all the hospitals. They also have some nice quiet rooms for prayer or meditation.

 When I came back hubby was gone. I obviously looked, and the nice young man said he popped out, too. We decided JB had gone into the room.  We chatted. He's from Timmons, with a wife looking after kids at home. He grew up here. We were joking about being positive. You sit, and wait.  He said, "It occurred to me, sometime ago, why we're called patients!"
We've met some wonderful patients in waiting rooms. We joke, giggle, and they like our traditional selfies!

 8:20 After an injection of radioactive iodine, we were dismissed at 8:20 and told to return at 10:45. What to do? What to do? I remembered Andrew Haydon Park from when we lived in Nepean (since amalgamated with Ottawa), and thought we might take a walk by the water. Peculiar to come to the city to escape the bugs and see the water!
We had bought an all-day pass, since we knew we'd hid the daily max, what with going in and out.
Do you pay by the hour, or get a day pass?
You do the math!
It was a lovely walk, and I grabbed lots of photos of birds and water.
After our walk, we went for a drive around the beautiful homes on Crystal Bay. My achillies tendon was giving me grief. We got some gas for the car and refreshments for us.

10:30 back in the waiting room. Hubby finished his book, and changed into the pants and gown.
My poison ivy attack.

11:05 the technician came for him. My back was so sore, sitting. No one else was in the small room. I did some leg stretched, read my magazine standing up, stretched my arms (sore from working on the dock).

Lots of secret peeps trained here.
11:55 He was done. Off we went. We decided to drive out of the city. There are several spots where we grab a meal.  I wasn't yet hungry.

We passed that wicked-looking secret facility on Perth Rd.

1:15 By the time we neared Perth, we thought Subway sandwiches for lunch, but I was exhausted. Hubby drove me home. I unwound. Puttered. Loved the cats, who missed us. There was a dead mouse in the living room. Bless their little hearts.

The town was crazy with tourists and the free music festival. Poor hubby!

3:00 p.m. JB came home with wine and roses, a pizza and subway sandwiches!

The florist asked what he'd done wrong, he said, "Nothing. It's what she's done right, taking care of me!" He arrived home, chipper as can be. After lunch, I had a nap. I woke at 5:30, which is very unusual, but I was exhausted.
He has a good heart!
Do you think Perth needs a ring road?


William Kendall said...

I have passed by that hospital, but have never been inside it.

Cloudia said...

What a full day you had, angel!

Aloha, Jenn

Nancy J said...

I am never sure if it is the driving, the waiting, the worrying or the constant caring, but tiredness seeps into our bodies unasked!!!You do so well to drive all that way in lots of traffic, Mr J., Bless him for flowers and Pizza. Take care as you wait for the results. Countdown is in good progress here, and my "Wiggle Me Colourful" quilt is waiting for some serious sewing today. Raining and 4C at 5.30 a.m. Hugs to you both.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Can't beat red roses for love and thanks! Or Pizza for that matter... I don't wonder at your exhaustion. Rest up for Sunday. Hugs, YAM xx

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Patience is a virtue, which both of you have unlimited amounts of. Hoping for positive results. Take care, and get rested up for the next session.

Red said...

You had a very busy day. I hope the test results are positive. These visits take so long that you are completely exhausted. Right now we don't have anything to travel for.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

You take care of each other! How it should be.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

Actually, we want the tests to be negative, Red! If they are positive, it means the cancer cells have metastasized outside the former prostate area, into the body. He has cancer in his lymph nodes, and we can't do radiation if it has spread. It is likely that prostate cancer spreads to the bones, and this is what we are searching for.

They can't radiate if it has spread, as you need a small target. The lymph nodes are behind both the bladder & rectum, in front of the tail bone.

Then, the next problem is that the radiation may damage scar tissue, where his prostate was removed. Also, it could damage his colon, and he could be incontinent. It's a unique situation. He doesn't want to live with a colostomy bag or permanent catheter at his age. Some people live with it for years, but he cannot bend over to empty a bag.
It's troubling, but we keep smiling.