Friday, 15 May 2015

Restaurant Review: Zolas in Ottawa

Restaurant Review

We had to go into the city to get some bulbs we'd purchased from my granddaughter's school. On the way home we had a YUMMY meal at Zolas in Ottawa. A great Greek-style restaurant that is one of my favourites. It was wonderful food, prepared by the Chef. The server was attentive, and we had a lovely pasta lunch.

Unfortunately, the meatballs hubby ordered with spaghetti had some secret cheese inside! Oops. We made a mistake on that one. My whole wheat pasta and veggies were great, with shrimp. The veggies were just right.
I skipped dessert, as I'd had wine; hubby had gelato.
You can bring your own wine with no corkage fees Sunday to Thursday!

Hubby has brought home some of their frozen food for me when he was in the city awhile back. Much fun! He treats me like a queen!


William Kendall said...

I haven't been there, though I do like Greek food.

Red said...

It sounds like you can pick the good places.

Kay said...

Sounds great. The gelato alone would have made me happy. I do like gyros.