Friday 29 May 2015

PART XXXV: Prostate Cancer diagnostic MRI #2

1:45 Left house, took back route, past The Swan, through North Gower. Easy drive, although some traffic.

2:30 arrived at the MRI office - between modules M and O, another form to fill in.

Then we sat and waited.
Another couple: The man came out, wearing his lovely hospital gown. His wife giggled!

"C'est beau." I tell him, they were francophone.

"On y va." Al says.

 "Sexy." said Al. The wife mentioned his droopy drawers. A tall, thin man, his boxers were hanging off his frame.

Hubby read. I fooled around with the iPad.
I took our usual selfie. The francophone woman laughed. Hubby said not to worry about me, I'm harmless!
Another couple arrived.

 4:10 JB was taken into the other room. Lovely outfit. Another man's name is called. "Already?" he asked.
     "Well, you can sit and wait some more," said Al. He is droll!

Off hubby went, into the mysterious other room, with the noisy machines.

5:14 still waiting...  Did some cross stitch. Thumbs hurt.
5:17  I can hear the machines. Stopping, starting. Weird noises. Floors were mopped as the evening staff comes in.

5:30 out he came. He was to sit for 5 minutes to ensure he wasn't dizzy. He thinks he had a nap.
Some rush-hour traffic. Sigh.
6:30 Dinner at The Swan.
8:39 Home

Droll Al.

He banters with another person
All his stuff into the locker
people came and went

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