Saturday 30 May 2015

Into Ottawa Hospital for MRI #2

Lots of people write about their journey through a cancer diagnosis. This man died this month. He, like we do, used humour as good medicine. He, too, loathed the battle terminology. It isn't a fight, when it is your own body producing cancer cells. It is a journey and we have learned a lot about ourselves. We have met much sicker and more frail people along the way. We are grateful for what we have now. All staff have been amazing at three different hospitals.

1:45 p.m. Thursday, May 28 – Left the house, took back route, past The Swan, through North Gower. Easy drive, although some traffic. Another of those dreaded Ghost Bikes! This was from Laurie Stano. We've passed a few on our way into healthcare appointments. This being MRI #2, and trip #XXXV.

2:30 –  arrived at the MRI office - between modules M and O, another form to fill in. Yes, each visit a new form.
Then we sat and waited.
Another couple: The man came out, wearing his lovely hospital gown. His wife giggled!
"C'est beau." I tell him, they were francophone. We often laugh about such at these visit.
"On y va." Al says.
 "Sexy." said Al. His wife mentioned his droopy drawers. A tall, thin man, his boxers were hanging off his frame.
Hubby read. I fooled around with the iPad photo apps.
I took our usual selfie. The francophone woman laughed. Hubby said not to worry about me, I'm harmless!
Another couple arrived.

 4:10 –  JB was taken into the other room. Lovely outfit. Another man's name is called. "Already?" he asked.
     "Well, you can sit and wait some more," said Al. He is droll!
Off hubby went, into the mysterious other room, with the noisy machines.
I asked Al where the nearest washroom was. Right in front of me! Sigh, again. How could I not have seen it?!
I knew I was in the city. I couldn't find the tap handles. It was automatic. Good hygiene, you don't have to touch it!
I liked the directions on the door handle for locking and unlocking it!

5:14  – still waiting...  Did some cross stitch. Thumbs hurt.
5:17  –  I can hear the machines. Stopping, starting. Weird noises. Floors were mopped as the evening staff comes in.
5:30  – out he came! He was to sit for 5 minutes, with the tape on his injection site, to ensure he wasn't dizzy or bleeding. He thinks he had a nap. That's good. It's a noisy machine.
Some rush-hour traffic, you can see the photo from Hunt Club. Sigh. Why did I take Hunt Club?
I choose to use River Rd., as the homes are amazing mansions, beside the river with glimpses of same.
6:30  – Dinner at The Swan, the marina looked ready for summer. Not bad food, lovely server, Courtney. I hadn't been there in ages. Too chilly for outdoors, with a cool breeze, but another time!
8:39  – Home just before sunset. Lots of farmers out spraying fields. I wonder what we are eating. They worry about Neonicotinoid pesticides in Ontario, hurting bees and other pollinators.
Once safely home, I ran down to the pond to find the ducklings had jumped from the nest and were gone! Bittersweet, we'd hatched 12 Wood ducks, no infertile eggs in the nest, which I cleaned in case there is another brood going in. I think it's late, though. Duck box #2 has another brood, set to hatch mid-June.


Olga said...

A friend of mine once complained, "Having cancer is a full time job!"
Ahh, the ducklings left without saying good-bye?

Debbie said...

so i have missed this journey of "yours"...i did not know. with that said, humor is vital, love and compassion, most important. you giving and he receiving, feels so important...more important than anything. i know, i have an MS journey of my own. i have the most amazing family and team of nurses and doctors....but my family and their love, is indeed the most important aspect of my treatment. humor is second!!! he's handsome!!!!

William Kendall said...

A journey is a good way to phrase it.

I do like that bridge- one of these days I have to get down there and photograph it.

Nancy J said...

How do you manage all those photos along the road? I tried, and failed dismally, even when a passenger, and of course there wasn't a place or TIME to stop. Super story to go with your pics , and the humour is what keeps us all hanging in there. Hugs to you and Mr J, as you wait yet again for results.

Unknown said...

I didn't know you were on this kind of a journey. It's not an easy journey, but it helps to have humor.

Out To Pasture said...

Glad you also turn the 'journey' of treatment into a journey of sight seeing, humour and restaurant visits along the way. And of course, sharing. Makes the medicine so much easier and, dare I say, even fun. Great attitude!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Staying positive is the only way to go, although I'm sure it can be difficult at times. Hope the ducklings come back for a visit.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Love the psychedelic and geometric shots!

Mother always said "it is what it is; just C-ing life differently"... YAM xx

Red said...

Very descriptive story of your day. I nap in MRI's for some reason. The waiting is a pain once they put you in the geeky clothes.

Kay said...

I'm glad you're all keeping your spirits up with a dose or two of humor. I know it's very important in healing.

You sure do have a lot of ducks! :- )

Karen said...

Ive learned to nap in the crazy tubes as well. I trick my brain into thinking there is some great orchestra making all those loud sounds and I'm priviledged to have my head stuck inside the middle of one of those instruments!
Lovely photos!