Sunday, 17 May 2015

Gillian GPS

Poor hubby! He drives in order for me to take photos. He doesn't really like driving!
There are times when I tell him to turn, but we are 100m away from the turn, not 3m. I blame this on Gillian.

We named her after our lawyer's clerk. She has that same upper crust British accent; she rolls her eyes when she is recalculating, and we've made a mistake.

I find that she leads me astray when navigating because of her proclivity towards changing the zoom in and out. If a turn is coming close, she zooms in. When we have 26km to go until a turn, she'll zoom out and I keep forgetting this. I told hubby, turn right here. It was a dead end. We noticed just in time. I said it was Gillian. Or I'm just messing with you. It could go either way! He chuckled.

We chose to avoid highway #7, as the traffic is just too fast. Similarly, highway #401. The back roads are much more interesting. Fernoy, Godfrey, Verona, Hartington, Yarker, Newburgh, Tyendaga Township, Napanee.
The black flies were TERRIBLE in Godfrey!
They swarmed the car as we bought gas.


Nancy J said...

Haha!!Hugh has a Garmin Nuvi too, and those words " RECALCULATING", and " Make a U-turn when possible"... Sometimes the way she/he suggests is not the way we want to go, so how hard it must be for visitors. Lovely scenery on all your roads, hope the shopping went well. All OK here, will email.

William Kendall said...

Beautiful countryside shots, Jennifer.

If you're thinking of coming up, the tulip beds at the lake and Major's Hill Park look pretty good at the moment.

Red said...

Okay, blame it on the GPS. another nice photo essay.

Debbie said...

My hubby is the best at spinning around, he is also pretty good at illegal manuvers!! Pretty country you photographed!!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
previous and this post are visual delights - with exception, perhaps, of "Gillian"! I have something of an aversion to them. Don't have one and tend to dislike when others' use them. .. daft, but meno prerogative! YAM xx

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

This is so funny! I Our van came with a GPS and you could choose the voice to be either Jack or Jill. Bill chose Jill, I think because he finds it easier to argue with a woman (I sometimes wonder why he bothers to use it.) Anyway, we recently bought an after-market GPS for our car here in Florida (so I could drive out of the neighborhood as I can get lost in a broom closet).. With this one we only get one voice, a woman, with that same uppercrust accen. Bill immediately said 'this lady is too 'fawncy' to be Jill, we'll call her Gillian!).

So that lady does get around doesn't she. All the way from your house down here to Florida.

I am still laughing!!!

Gill - That British Woman said...

You do know my full name is Gillian....although I have a British accent, it's not "posh!" I LOVE, LOVE your header photo!!