Monday, 23 February 2015

Cats to the vet...with limited success

Dorah's first visit to the vet!
She can't do this in 2015!
The two carriers, intended for Queen Sady and Dame Dorah, were brought upstairs. Lady Annabelle saw them, and ran full-tilt boogie, losing traction on the hardwood floor, but made it to the basement. She didn't want to go back to the vet!

First up, Sady, who loathes being picked up and will fight it with tooth and claw. Literally.

Sady Attempt #1

I sat beside her, usually, if she is hungry, she will sidle up like a normal cat, if I use only one hand. Two hands means that there is a risk she'll be picked up, and she'll run away. She didn't bite, so to speak.
Next, after she kept eyeing me, eyeing JB, who was ready with the carrier, she was deeply suspicious.
I gave up.

Attempt #2

JB tried. She ended up sitting on a chair, beside hubby's chair. He sat there, doing a bit of paperwork. ("Don't mind me!") He tried to grab her and missed, getting just a part of her. He hung on for dear life. I approached with the towel, ready to wrap her. She hissed, snarled, used claw not tooth, and Lady Annabelle of Ashton ran over to help us! She went after Sady trying to defend us, I think. It was quite a moment. We are still using gentle breathing trying to calm down our blood pressure. (It's high in both of us!)

We couldn't find Dorah, but grabbed Lord Buster and Princess Daisy, in two carriers, and hustled into the vet, having washed our scratches and applied 2 or 3 bandaids each.
Lady Annabelle, who we just took in from an Ashton barn last month, has just been fixed and poked and didn't need a visit.

Lord Buster was not amused. Princess Daisy fought and pulled at the carrier door so much she drew some blood on her nose. Lady Annabelle went over to the carrier, trying to help her. (They are becoming friends!) Daze was determined to get out, especially after the chaos of a few minutes ago.
Dame Dorah high-tailed it to under the bed.

Buster, I think, still has worms. He had a treatment, a little pill. Dr. Sarah opened his mouth, said, "Look up, waaaayyy up, to see Rusty." (I had to ask the reference-Friendly Giant!)  His weight, important in cats, was 13 lbs., which is up a pound from last year. Not so bad.
His broken tooth is looking fine, and doesn't need to be removed.

Daisy's weight has gone from 6+ lbs. to 7+, she is fine in terms of weight. She does have a tooth (upper right) that is disintegrating, and it might need to be pulled. They can contract aspiration pneumonia, as Mitzi did, from bad teeth. I have to watch her eat and signs of distress. This may be a challenge.
Back home with the two.

Appointment #2

Dorah like the high ground - this 2014!
The next appointment was for 11:00 a.m., and Dorah was still under the bed. We were still in shock from the big attack.
I grabbed a broom, and gently scootched her out. She sat in the doorway, saw me coming for her, and tore down to the furnace room. Closing doors behind me, I was able to snatch her.

Dorah has a weight problem. She's gone from 13 lbs. to 14 lbs. 10 oz. Not good. Normally we just leave crunchies out over night. We're going to have to lift it and go to 3 meals a day, not munching.

Sady's nose is still blocking up with muccous. There is nothing to do for her. Dr. Sarah suggested we watch her resting breathing and take a count. (I.e., count her breaths for 15 sec, multiply by 4). It should be less than about 30/minute. That done, she is fine. She's sneezing her face off many times a day.

Buster wasn't co-operative, and was reluctant to put all four paws on the scale at the same time. Amy won that round, though!
Back home, Annabelle was willing to go into the carrier, despite not needing to go.


eileeninmd said...

Oh wow, what an ordeal.. I think it was much easier to put a leash on my dog and walk out the door.. have a happy Monday!

Hilary said...

Oh my goodness they're a tough group. My guys do not like when the carrier appears and they try to hide and struggle, when caught. Then it's like trying to thread a needle with spaghetti when trying to put them in the carrier. But they've never been aggressive with us. Neither have they ever been feral though.

Nancy J said...

I had to smile!! Our Felicity, when she was a small kitten, went to a cattery for a few days." Open the door, she'll walk out" NO, "try to pull her out" NO, "Tip the cage upside down" NO, she hung on, vertical, with every claw holding onto invisible hangers, the plastic must have been damaged somewhat. We left, she was still growling!!! and still in the cage!!Your darling Annabelle, she has fitted into your family so well, taking the role of " The Defender" perfectly. Hugs, Jean.p.s. your comments have lifted me up so much, how can I say thank you in many ways XX

Powell River Books said...

In old age, Stick has to have several teeth pulled. He was so old they were worried about the anesthesia. But I went ahead and all turned out well. I figured it was safer in the long run for his health. - Margy

E.lizabeth said...

cats make me smile. that is hilarious!! ( :

William Kendall said...

The poor cats!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Now THAT's herding cats!!! Well done to everyone &*> ... I am off tonight back over to Edinburgh as the father has taken a nasty virus and sisters have been nursing him already for several days - relief needed! YAM xx

Gill - That British Woman said...

I feel for those poor cats. Some humans have that reaction when going to the dentist...LOL


Karen said...

We recently learned that oven mitts work well for stuffing cats into a carrier!

My 19 year old girl also has chronic rhinitus. She was on one medication after another for years to no avail. I just have to keep wiping her nose with a damp cloth or it gets quite gross. This girl SLEEPs in her cat carrier in the basement.

Kay said...

Oh my gracious! That sounds awful! You are good caretakers of those suspicious kitties.