Friday, 23 January 2015

Wednesday's trek; 90 minute-walk & sewing projects

Here is Wednesday's trek. Another lovely 'forest bath.' Some call it bushwacking! The frozen snow hasn't
It was hard going, with that cold, crunchy snow. I dress warmly, but end up undoing my scarf and taking off my hat. It is darn good exercise!

No more antlers, no more blood splatters on the snow. I'm thinking they took off, a little further away. You see, I spotted more coyote tracks, right across where they had bedded down. It looks as if the coyote chewed up the snow where all the blood was. Hubby heard a wolf howl on his afternoon trip around the property. I heard nothing, an hour later. Everybody is telling us we can't have a wolf, but he did see it. Larger than the coyote, and more grey. It's funny but I've given up arguing with people. Some say it has to be a 'Eastern Coyote', but that doesn't make sense. The wolf is larger, and I have found two distinct canine tracks, one larger than the other.
You can see my most recent path –in purple.

The females deer (doe, a deer) have used our property as their winter yard. Thursday I counted 9 females. They stick closer to us. It's been so unusual to find the males around in such numbers.

Nothing exciting on the trail cam, although I spotted Fisher tracks on a well-used path which skirts our wetland shoreline. As well as rabbit droppings! I'm pursuing this.

I'm looking forward to spring. I plan to put the motion-sensor trailcam up in front of the Wood duck nesting box beside the frog pond!  The ducklings fling themselves out of the box within 24 hours of hatching, to run with mom on the wetland water.
Hooray spring!!!!

Yes, coyote is around
These are random shots. You can see where I've put up a 'no hunting' sign, at the corner of our properties. It marks our immediate property corner (16 acres), where neighbours have a hunt camp on their 35 acres, and the next door farmer's land (600 acres) further east. A trifecta corner.
These are all still photos with my videocamera. I carry my regular camera in my backpack, with my water, it has the zoom lens on, just in case. Any critters run when they hear me, though. It's for distant birds up a tree.

She wanted purple lining/trim,
pink buttons.

Back at the house, I've been creating. I found a remnant of material with ladybugs and other bugs, on it back in September. Isabelle's nickname is Isabelle Coccinelle (French for ladybug). I suggested I might make her a skirt, since there didn't seem to be much material. When I Skyped with 4-year-old Isabelle this week, I showed her that I'd made her a whole dress. She said, 'But you were going to make me a skirt!' That child's memory is amazing. Her parents are in trouble!

In tandem, while I have the sewing machine out, I created a new banner to hang at the mailbox.
(This is to help us find our driveway!)
On the one side, hearts decorated by the girls last year.

On the reverse side, a bow and heart. It's a nice pop of colour against our white snow!
It keep me off of the street!


Crafty Green Poet said...

lovely photos of the woods and that dress is adorable

William Kendall said...

It is a beautiful property to hike!

Nancy J said...

A flag at the gate, a great idea, and I can only imagine walking under those trees, snow, coyotes, deer and more in the back yard. Wonderful trip out in the cold, down here we have a cooler morning, 7 Celsius, the days are drawing in, sun rising later, leaves falling already, maybe with the extra dry weather. Ta so very much for your email, will reply with more data. There is a lot!!! Hugs,Jean

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Pretty clothworks and love the light through the bone-like trees... YAM xx

eileeninmd said...

Jen, you do have a pretty place for a hike.. I like the banner, very cute! Happy weekend!

Kay said...

That's so beautiful. You are such a talented seamstress.

Powell River Books said...

You've been busy. I need to get my sewing machine fixed. The thread tension pulls and bunches the thread. - Margy

Ela said...

Lovely winter photos !

EG CameraGirl said...

You do have such a nice place to walk! How special to have a homemade banner for finding your driveway!