Sunday, 25 January 2015

Trip to Almonte, Heirloom Restaurant

"Let's go," I said. To Almonte for some bird seed and bird-friendly coffee (at Gilligalou) and lunch!
"Sure," replied hubby. We went to Heirloom, it's an amazing space, with excellent food!

Artwork upstairs, wonderful heritage beams, and good food, all prepared on-site.  Food prepared simply, so hubby can eat. (He's intolerant to yeast, eggs, dairy, spelt and mushrooms!) Some amazing wine selections, too. I had a glass of white!
You don't see beams like this anymore. Only in really old heritage houses.
The sun was amazing, shining in the windows. It gives the hope of spring in its warmth.
The building also has condos.

On the way home from Almonte, we passed the sight of an OPP investigation.

I was curious, it was on Wolfe Grove Rd., one of our favourite roads. I found a sad news item:

OPP investigate fatal fire near Almonte


The Ontario Provincial Police are investigating a fatal house fire in Lanark Highlands, about an hour north-west of Ottawa. Joyce Gibson, 67, died in the fire that began at about 8:30 a.m. on Thursday morning on Gibson Road near Wolf Grove Road, between Hopetown and Almonte.
OPP; a house fire
Lots of vehicles

I wish I could make some money off of these trips, but, despite several requests a day to 'share this piece –of interest to your readers', I avoid such deceptive things. I took an ad once, for snowmobile safety links. I donated the money to my hospice group. I was given a press badge to visit Puppets Up! one year, in return for coverage. That was just plain fun. We went back the next year and took the kids and grandkids!

I noticed a terrific article in our big newspaper (Ottawa Citizen; Daytripping to Perth). I cynically wonder how much she was paid to write this, or if meals were complimentary. Why can't I earn something this way?! I wonder if it was the tourism board, or BIA, who supported her trip... It was a perky little article. Good advertising for Perth. Excuse me for being deeply suspicious! I think an ad should be stated as an ad. The line between journalism and editorials is blurring. Journalists are unashamed of providing opinions and flowery language in their 'articles.'

In the US, blogger must declare if anything was given for, for example, a book review (i.e., free book). Not so according to Canadian law. Lots of companies are using PR firms to hand out products for bloggers to try, in exchange for a favourable review and/or a giveaway contest.

Daytripping to Perth


Perth is packed full of heritage, of good food, interesting shopping and places to stay the night, as Laura Byrne Paquet found out. What did you do? Headed to Perth for a short girls’ getaway with two high school friends, Catherine and Brenda.


eileeninmd said...

what a great outing. The restaurant looks nice with the pretty wood beams! I am not against anyone who blogs and shares their reviews, I find some fun to read.. I am one blogger who just blogs for fun and not profit.. Have a happy day!

Hilary said...

It looks like an interesting place to eat and have a wander. But I'll bet it's costly to heat.

So sad about the fire and loss of life.

Kay L. Davies said...

Very sad, always, to find out someone died in a house fire.
Otherwise, a nice outing was had by all, it seems!
Luv, K

William Kendall said...

The restaurant looks quite inviting, and I took a look at the menu. Tasty!

Red said...

You had it all...good food, good wine and ambience to boot..

Cloudia said...

Loved your smile most of all, Jenn

ALOHA from Honolulu