Monday, 26 January 2015

Deer sheds = 5!

And another one! I've managed to find 5 antlers, or sheds, as they call them. The last one was here in the photos, from Jan. 22nd, and I didn't even notice! Daisy and I went walkies again and didn't find a thing. It's darn good exercise, except for the pain. I have a swollen tendon in my right ankle. I'm going to physio Monday.We'll see what can be done.
Broken ankle deer still going.

notice the deer shed behind her!

Love seeing them nibble their mouthful.

Fave newest toy: goldfish
And in other news: a new stove. The top lifts for easy cleaning. Here it is waiting for me to plug it in!


Hilary said...

Very cool that you keep finding them. I've yet to locate one.. but one day I hope to. None of our visitors have any left.

Out To Pasture said...

Sorry about your sore ankle, Jennifer. You might consider a walking stick until your tendon heals. Also, thanks for the update on the handicapped deer. She seems to have overcome the bad break.
The thick icy crust in my area is quite the hazard for all but the very light or careful. It has put a halt to my normal long winter walks.

Red said...

I guess if the deer live at your place all the time, where else would they shed their antlers?
So we cook again!

William Kendall said...

You've been very lucky in your finds, then!

Judy said...

I have never seen one shed antler, but then, I do not have deer living nearby... Five in one season must be a record, though!!

Yamini MacLean said...

came out in sympathy with the locals did ya??? Seriously though, crook ankles are no fun at all... glad the physio is onto it.

Love that shot of the antlers laid out... YAM xx

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Five is quite remarkable!

Powell River Books said...

Do you do anything special with the shed antlers? Looks like a craft project begging to happen. Nice stove. I sure wish mine at the cabin had a window in the door and a bar to hang towels to dry. Guess I can't have everything. Take care of that ankle. - Margy

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

Well, Red, they do winter here, but this is unusual in that for the 4 years we've lived here, the males didn't really come around. Apparently, the males and females have separate groupings in winter. I was quite surprised!

You're a hoot, my Scots friend. At least it's no broken, like my friend. She's still hanging in, despite a coyote sighting of two on the trailcam.

Margy, I just haven't quite decided. I can't leave them outdoors, as the squirrels chew them!