Tuesday 30 December 2014

That was a long day traveling into Ottawa Hospital's Riverside Campus!

Our deer friends, Sister, Momma, Baby, were anxious to grab a bite from under the bird feeder.
3 cats on the bed
3 deer on the front lawn
We were on our way to Riverside hospital for CT Scan #3 to check on hubby's cancer cells. This is trip #30. Left Perth 12:30 p.m. - went on back roads, Perth Rd., Twin Elm Rd., to Riverside Hospital, no Snowy owls, despite being in the right area! Fields, hydro poles, farm fences. Nada!
We have EnRoute
Arrived at the hospital at 2:02 p.m. after 84km. It's a pretty nice parking area, with few cars yesterday, Dec. 29th. Loved the skylights in the new wing.

2:05 p.m. - register at Radiology. It was very quiet.
Requisite selfie and ussies...

I can make him laugh!

Loved the floor tiles
2:10 p.m. Two right turns, follow orange dots to CT Scan waiting room.
Hubby had to drink two containers of liquids. Crappy stuff, really.
Daughter, Caitlin, just bought me Imagine Dragon's CD for my birthday, which includes the song, ♪♫♩♪ Radioactive!
2:15p.m. – take one cupful over 45 minutes, the next 8 oz. between 3:00 & 3:45.

It was a long sit, and I played with his iPad, as well as taking photos. Finally, at 3:45, Catherine, the technician, took him in. She was a sweetie, joking and helping us relax. I waited outside, amusing myself.
X-ray mode for PhotoBooth

Finally, 3:56 - 5:14 p.m., off we went home. The first photo is the view from the parking lot.
This photo is that sad Ghost Bike, with Christmas decorations. Seriously. On our way home from another appointment. It's time to move on. Remember her where she lived, how she lived, not where she died. Every trip to the hospital, this is what we see.

Gillian, GPS, didn't know about the new bridge! 
The sunset was delicious, going from pastels, to dark oranges and blues.

And back from Ottawa to Perth, to the pub for dinner


Linda Kunsman said...

First of all I want to thank you for your really thoughtful message on my blog post. You're right that when we go blog hopping we might not know what that person may be going through. I am sorry to hear about your hubby's health struggles. It certainly helps to have such a great attitude as you do, and having each other for support, along with a bit of humor helps too. This is so nice how you documented the latest appt. etc. Thoughts and prayers for the best results of this last scan, and may the New year bring the best news ever!

William Kendall said...

Gorgeous sunsets in particular! I've only been through the Riverside once, passing through because it seemed convenient passage- probably raining at the time.

I passed by that ghost bike again a few days back. It's a visual distraction that'll end up getting someone else killed someday. And while as taxpayers we all own public land, it doesn't give us a right to turn a sidewalk into a personal shrine. Enough is enough.

Nancy J said...

Twice the distance we travel to our nearest hospital, it is 42km one way, and 164 km to Wellington, if we ever get an apt. there. Lovely words that take me with you on your travels, and so many hugs and best wishes for 2015 to be a year with some happiness and fun, with better health for both our men. Love for the New Year, Jean.

eileeninmd said...

I hope your hubby latest test hass good results.. That is some procedure..I had to drink some yucky stuff to have a CT on my stomach, it tastes awful.. I love your sky series, very pretty. Wishing you a happy day!

Jenn Jilks said...

Thanks, to all. Yes, he is having CT Scans every 3 mos. or so, as well as a PSA test. Despite his prostate being removed, he still has cancer cells that are growing. It's just a matter of time and attention.

Hootin Anni said...

Hope the results will be good in a positive way.
I wanted to stop by today to send along my best wishes for you and your family in the year 2015. Happy New Year, and cheers.

DeniseinVA said...

That is quite a day at the hospital. I echo everyone's comments here Jenn and wish only the best for a happy and health 2015. You took some great photos here.

Hilary said...

You two have such good spirit with your trials and tribulations. I wish you all the best.. as good as can be.

Olga said...

I have to admire your attitude and endurance.

Red said...

You made a very stressful day somewhat more pleasant. The two liters of stuff is unpleasant. i would find it hard to drink that much water. I am hoping for some good results. Now if you'd seen an owl it would have been much better.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

I like the way you show and tell things. Positively! Happy New Year to you and your Sweetie!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Jenn, this felt like we were sharing the day and the time=pass with you... in a very good way!!!

Totally agree with your statement around moving on - succinct and wonderfully worded. Clearly you are not alone in this though, judging by Will's comment...one wonders that the local council haven't got a word to say on the matter also...

Now it is Hogmanay and we 'move on' from this one into the next 'set of 12' and so I sign off now with Blessings, hugs and HUGE wishes for a super 2015 to you and hubby. YAM xx

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Looks like you made the most of a long day. Hope all was positive with the scan!