Tuesday 23 December 2014

OPP in Ontario - freezing rain warning

What a day they forecast. Freezing rain, with temperatures going up and over zero. I know the roads will be crazy. Give me good, old fashioned snow any day!

Here in S.E. Ontario we haven't crept up to zero yet. Poor hubby has Meals on Wheels to deliver. He's put Christmas stickers on all of the meal lids, it's so cute! The good news is that there were quite a number of cancellations, since Meals recipients are seeing friends and family! They are combining Christmas Day's route (Thursday) and adding it to Wednesday.

Hubby has errands

1. Our cell phone died. They have ordered him in another. We keep it in the car, as we seldom use it. Mistake, they said.
2. With his food intolerance, our local baker has made Joe Pie two pies: apple and pumpkin (sans eggs, yeast and dairy products). We take in the dishes and she makes it for him. That's for Christmas dinner. For the first time in years the kids will be over on Christmas Day.
3. Next, Sady threw up on our warm comforter and hubby took it in for cleaning. He picks it up today.

4. Sady, thanks all who have asked, still isn't cured of her Darth Vader nasal sounds. We have to pack her up and drag her into the vet, again this afternoon. She won't speak to us for a few days after this. Hubby will don gloves and I will hold the cage. She will snarl in tragic fear.
I'm sure there is something in her nose irritating it. She could have inhaled something. She's happy, more or less, playing and eating well. No fever, but sneezing crap all over the window where she sits.

Our Ontario Provincial Police are going to be busy today if it goes to freezing rain. I'm happy we are only 5 km from town.
 Email reports of severe weather to storm.ontario@ec.gc.ca or tweet with the hashtag #ONStorm.
Our police services have been busy on Social Media. It's helpful to know where the hot spots are. They are engaging the public.
OPP regions

OPP GTA Traffic sent out the following tweet:
Follow the OPP in your area!


Powell River Books said...

Doesn't sound like fun driving in that weather. Be careful. I wouldn't know how to do it, having grown up in sunny southern California, and the limited ice and snow we get in Powell River. I defer to Wayne who grew up in upstate New York. - Margy

eileeninmd said...

The freezing rain is awful, it causes so many accidents.. I hope you are all safe. Sorry about your kitty, I hope she feels better soon.. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

carol l mckenna said...

Sending lots of distant reiki healing energy for your kitty and lots of hugs for y'all for a safe, warm and loving holiday ~

artmusedog and carol,

Red said...

It would be an understatement to say that things are hectic! You can handle it.

William Kendall said...

Freezing rain is one aspect of winter I dislike.