Friday, 19 December 2014

Cat walkies - tracks tell another tail

Daisy and I went forest bathing, again. The colours are pretty dreary, but there was lots of action in the night.
It was a wet day, with temperatures hovering above zero C. and Daisy was pretty bored inside. I told her there was some drizzle, but it'd be good for us. First we went to the frog pond, where the coyote/wolf has been checking out the Muskrat lodges. We followed its trails around the perimeter of the forest, as did several critters.
The five-toed tracks are either fisher or mink, or weasel.  There was a pair of them. One larger than the other and they walked along side, not on the same track.
Poor hubby put his back out, again. These photos are to show him what's going on in our forest!
More on the coyote/wolf tomorrow!
Hurry, Daisy.
Can you spot her on the trail?
Pretending to be an owl for me, again!
She loves height
Five toes - fisher?
Daisy stepped in this track,
my two fingers are as wide as her paw. 
My photographer friend thinks
our canine friend grabbed a rabbit!
Her third tree climb!
Of course, deer tracks and droppings!
This looks more like the rear leg of a raccoon
First sign of blood
A large 5-toed and a smaller 5-toed track!


Out To Pasture said...

I absolutely love your talented tree climbing companion, Daisy. According to my handy dandy little book, Animal Tracks of Ontario by Ian Sheldon, the mystery prints look like they were made by a raccon. Maybe Santa will bring you a trail camera for Christmas. Again, thank you so much for sharing. Cheers!

Red said...

You find stories from the tacks in the snow. I also see that it has rained.

William Kendall said...

Daisy loves to get up high for a view, I see!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
....oohhhhh I gotta get me out on the hills soon; been stuck inside for a week nearly....YAM xx

The Furry Gnome said...

Lots of tracks around here too. I've been trying to sort out what animals they are - but no blood here!