Saturday 23 August 2014

Trip to Prince Edward County: Part II

Our Isabelle is creative! 
Carrot with dip and peas.
Sort of ants-on-a-log!
This is where the kids were renting for a week.
It's called Mill House.
It is a beautiful spot, bought for the land and the 150-year-old home renovated to be a rental. There is a lovely renovated barn, suitable for weddings (here is one bride & groom's photos!), barn dances, and big parties.
Someone popped out from behind a bush
and scared her Gramma!
Someone thought that was really funny!

The kids have had friends pop in from southern Ontario, and been having a blast. We were their sole Wednesday visitors!

 The house has four bedrooms and can sleep lots of people. Thursday and Friday they had 7 adults and 10 kids in the house. Caitlin and Dave had a birthday party, as they share Aug. 16th. It was delightful.

Prince Edward County is a fun place to visit. Sandbanks Provincial Park is amazing, even on a chilly day.

We share photos on iCloud, and it looked like so much fun. I know many of our fellow grandparents wish they could be closer and visit more often. This is a good alternative, as well as blogging, Skype, etc. We are modern grandparents!!!

We weren't there for the fooferaw, as we had to be back in town for hubby's follow-up food intolerance test appointment on Friday with our Naturopath, Dr. Jen. We just had a one-day visit with the kids, and drove back in pouring rain, with frogs hopping across the road in the dark. Yikes.

Jos' song on the player piano

Jos' song from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.
This video is about Jos' song. She was playing on the player piano and wrote me a song!

These folks, the Vaders, are part of my son-in-law's family. Something like cousins once removed...his grandmother's brother...
They bought the property for the land, for farming, but rent out the house after 8 years of renos.
The house was bought from a couple in their 90s, very busy farmers and involved in the community. The Vaders have kept some of the furniture, and the artifacts in the house, which is so respectful.
What a project! Such a fun extended family! How wonderful to be able to support local family farms!


Roan said...

What a wonderful post! Love seeing all the picks and Isabelle! She is certainly a cutie!

William Kendall said...

It does look like a great place to stay in, and I can see the appeal for wedding parties too.

Any one in the family named Darth, by chance?

eileeninmd said...

Wonderful place and lovely photos. the first shot of Isabelle is my favorite. Happy weekend!

Red said...

Sounds like a great atmosphere in this place.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Such atmosphere - wonderful connection to have! YAM xx

Debbie said...

ants on a log, that awesome, i love that kid....except i don't like peas ;)

i clicked on the piano, the video ran but i could not get any sound. my speakers were on!!

you havin' lots of fun!!!!

Judy said...

How interesting to see the house the way it was when it was lived in by the old folks!!

Jenn Jilks said...

William is a funny man!
Thanks, Deb, I fixed it!