Saturday 23 August 2014

Hubby's update: food intolerance test results

It's not good news – the test results, as hubby is sensitive to dairy, eggs, yeast, kidney beans, spelt, and this means a whole new attack for menus. It means vegan bread, and none of those multi-grain breads we love, and limiting the times we eat out.

Thanks to all who have been asking.

Deep breath.

Dr. Jen is amazing!

I suspected this when he was having stomach issues, on top of cancer and cancer treatments. The drugs are merciless.  Now, we know. Yes, a bit of a shock. We shall regroup and create a plan. Thank goodness for our local Foodsmiths, with their organic, vegan foods; on-line shopping; vitamin supplements, protein shakes, dairy-free products; as well as well-trained and informed staff, who've been supportive during his cleansing diet. Ever onward.


William Kendall said...

Those sensitivities do cover a whole lot of different foods, after all.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Whilst 'being sensitive to' may seem like a negative, it is a positive in that 'now it is known'. Solutions thus do become easier. As you say, ever onward. YAM xx

Red said...

This is a nasty situation. Not fun. I hope that things will clear up.

Karen said...

Oh boy, such dietary challenges! And I thought gluten intolerance was a nuisance.

Olga said...

I hope feeling better is incentive to stick with all those diet restrictions. It took a while for my brother to accept a similar situation, but now he appreciates the feeling of wellness.