Thursday 14 August 2014

PART XXII: Food intolerance/naturopath

Hubby is determined to get into as good shape as he can to better confront his cancer disease trajectory.
He works out regularly.
I was concerned with his stomach issues.

Our Naturopath has been fabulous.
We've learned to incorporate items like quinoa and couscous. Unfortunately, hubby doesn't like any of these things!

It's not good news – the test results, as hubby is sensitive to dairy, eggs, yeast, kidney beans, spelt, casein, whey, and this means a whole new attack for menus. It means vegan bread, and none of those multi-grain breads we love, and limiting the times we eat out.
He lost 6kg on the cleansing diet, intended to get him off sulphates and other items. That was a good thing.

Thanks to all who have been asking.
Deep breath.
Dr. Jen is amazing!
I took copious notes on the iPad, which is very helpful. I type quickly, and captured a lot of information.

I suspected hubby had food intolerances when he was having stomach issues, on top of having cancer and taking his cancer treatments. The drugs are merciless.  They ruin your gut. I've been on prednisone for my Poison Ivy bout. I'm looking at my issues, too.

Now we know foods to avoid.
Yes, a bit of a shock. We shall regroup and create a plan. Thank goodness for our local Foodsmiths, with their organic, vegan foods; on-line shopping; vitamin supplements, protein shakes, dairy-free products; as well as well-trained and informed staff, who've been supportive during his cleansing diet. Ever onward.

Extensive report
Next, we'll have to manage to figure out how to create balance, and reintroduce particular foods that are NOT on his intolerance list. It was an excellent report, with many things we could learn.

For example, they recommend a 4-day cycled menu. Don't have any foods repeated within the four days. For us, this will be a challenge, as habits die hard. They have quinoa breakfast flakes, much like oatmeal.

Replacing bread means doing things like using lettuce leaves as wraps, eating rice products: they make great pastas, and rice cakes, which can act as a substrate.
Our consult
Our local store does have quinoa bread, which are made without yeast, eggs and dairy. This was a challenge to find!
A friend suggested in lieu of yeast, you can combine baking powder and lemon juice.
He's to stay on the probiotics and glutamine.

Another possibility is a candida fungal infection. There is an on-line test for this. Also, some suggest a spit test. Candida grows in the gut. Hubby's gut has been leaking, and this is why he has been uncomfortable. The cleansing diet was to give him time to heal his gut.
"The main difficulty with testing for Candida is that everyone has it! It is not the presence of Candida Albicans that is a problem, rather is is the overgrowth of Candida that gives you all those nasty symptoms."
If you search: you'll find for-profit sites, including a questionnaire. It's posted by someone who has written a book, which isn't exactly confidence building.
Here are some tests you can do at home:

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