Friday 15 August 2014

Line Fences Act – Tibetan Yaks in Lanark County

Lanark County fence
This highlights an interesting issue, as explained by our former Reeve, Gordon Patterson, when city dwellers move to rural properties. I remember our former North Gower neighbours, we lived on two acres in the country beside their 10-acre hobby farm. Not only did their dogs run loose, once one grabbed an ice cream cone out of my youngest's hand and ate it, on our driveway. But their two horses got loose one night, one was hit by a car, with a horrible wound requiring treatment by the vet.
Friday Fences #21

Good fences

This woman, with a large property, and large Yaks, they've been getting loose. The issues has gotten out of control, and neighbours are taking her to court. As with every issue there are two sides, unlike fences, which have a 'this side' and a 'that side!'

Kralik's Yaks seem to have the same knack for finding holes in our Lanark fences. You see, in Lanark County, with its very shallow soil, you cannot sink deep fence posts. They are evident in the middle photo, below. The clever pioneer Scots came up with various designs, and fencing strategies for various domesticated animals. With all of the big storms, fences fall apart with a big tree falling, and the animals do get loose.

Sheep fence
Patterson tells us that cows have a knack for finding holes in the fence, I bet Yaks are the same. Wouldn't you?! Good rural neighbours would phone the owner in days gone by, or corral them and bring them back. These days, city folks want cottage properties to look like Hollywood mansions, and have to put up fences keeping out deer and the normal flora and fauna that visited the area for years. Mind you, the Yaks are pretty large!

We had to put up a gate, to keep the citiots outs. We didn't mind neighbours popping in, but strangers would drive up our drive, take a gander, and leave. It was creepy for this former Toronto citizen!

Lanark County fence styles
Our 2012 gate - strangers kept driving in!
Scott Dobson create old-style fences!
Patterson has a good attitude, he's been farming in Lanark County for 50 years. The animals get out, you round 'em up. That's what neighbours do. The Line Fences Act requires that rural neighbours maintain fences jointly. If they cannot agree, the government gets involved and tells them what they are going to do.

It has hit the news. Nothing like being infamous!

Yak farmer from Lanark County in court over trespassing herd

Rosemary Kralik's neighbours have been calling police, not her, about loose animals

Rosemary Kralik said when some of her two dozen yaks got loose from her nearly 300 hectares (about ~740 acres) of property in the past, she'd just get a call from her neighbours telling her where she could come pick them up.


DeniseinVA said...

I like the look of your new gate and found all those fence designs very interesting. Back in the UK where I lived the cows were always getting out of the farmer's field. One of us would just call him up and let him know and he would come and get them. My dad put up a gate after they got into our garden and trampled on his prize roses. I am going to look up what a yak looks like now :)

Joe Todd said...

I'm "Sitting on the fence" on this one.. Outstanding post...

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh yes indeed things in the countryside have certainly changed over the years. We farm and yes indeed things have certainly changed.
I noticed you on It's all about Purples site and seen you were from my neck of the woods so thought I would drop by to say Hi. Nice to meet you. Great pics and post. B

TexWisGirl said...

loved the fence designs. i have had a neighbor's cattle get out numerous times into our property. after calling each time and getting more and more impatient, they finally fix the fences. i can understand frustration on both parts, but she's got a big property to keep them and i'm hoping she can contain them and avoid serious legal issues.

Debbie said...

now that's an awesome fence post!!!

Karen said...

Oh boy, did that adventure ever bring back memories of cattle round ups around here! My girls used to enjoy breaking free for a wander over to visit a good friend on the next concession. Not long ago we woke up to find eight bovines mowing down on my flowers. The whole neighbourhood got involved in the round up but several of them got into a swamp and COULD NOT be coaxed out. The neighbour farmer told us after five days on the loose that cattle get quite feral and pretty much become a lost cause.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely new fence you have.

William Kendall said...

I remember a couple of occasions growing up where the cattle in the adjoining field would manage to find some way through the fence, either onto our property or into the woods at the back. It wasn't that big a deal, you just called the farmer.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Fences. Trouble when they are up; trouble when they are down... I remain neutral... YAM xx

betty-NZ said...

Those are some interesting styles of fences. I really like the sheep fence a lot.

Brian King said...

Love that sheep fence!