Sunday, 13 July 2014

Babysitting Grandkids: Day 1

We settled in, unpacked clothes, after I cleaned out the dresser. Josephine lined up all her things, Mommy helped her unpacked their duffle bag. They even brought their 'noses', where they perch their glasses overnight. Grampa had one and we bought them for the girls.

Big hugs good-bye, when Mommy and PaPa took off for the airport.

What fun we've had. First, Jofee and I built a bed for Pan-Pan, beautifully decorated. A bit of wood, some sawing, hammering and glueing. She made a lamp, which she glued to the head board.

Meantime, Izzy was finger painting.
 Isabelle decided she wanted to do some glue & glitter- after Grampa helped her wash off the finger paint.
Isabelle glues; Josephine is making a book for Pan-Pan.

Turkey and cheese sandwiches and fruit for lunch.

Care Bears was put on, after we tidied up our craft work. Gamma was happy to have a bit of a sit-down!
How nice to hear that call for help every few minutes, "Gamma, Gamma!"
Grampa offered to fill up the kiddie pool. I neglected to tell him that the pool plug was open. It seemed to take some time to fill! Problem solved.
Being on well water, the girls and I found the water a bit cold!
Josephine took some photos, and videos. She is good at this, having used my videocam for years.

We'll get the hang of this! He's gone for ice cream. While he's been off dairy, he has to take a blood test for food intolerances. He is supposed to eat things in prep for the test. He popped the ice cream in the freezer for dessert after dinner. Tonight: PIZZA!

More colouring and drawing on the back deck after our swim. Josephine made two God's Eyes. Isabelle and I put together a puzzle. Dinner, teeth and jammies and bedtime! Grampa fell asleep before the girls. What a day! What fun!


Wandering Wren said...

What fun you all look to be having, how special to have this time together... Is Grampa going to last the distance?!!
Wonderful fun and happy days enjoy!
Wren x

Judy said...

You are going to be busy for a few days!!! But you are so lucky to have chance to spend so much time with your grandkids!!

Red said...

Well, this will keep you busy and get your old teacher tricks going. What fun to have grand kids come and visit.

William Kendall said...

That's going to be keeping you busy!

eileeninmd said...

Cute grandchildren! Have fun!