Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Who is glad to be home?

Yes. The worst trip ever. It was trouble after trouble. It is a beautiful part of our country, and we arrived safely after a 5-hour trip, but there were various hitches, including my stress levels from the past few months. of caregiving after hubby's surgery.

We all were watching various weather reports for this outdoor wedding. It was quite funny, even though we couldn't change it!
Our French server assured me that,
"Mariage pluvieux, mariage heureux!"
Rainy wedding, happy wedding!

It did dump rain on the morning of the wedding, as it did our wedding in 2002, on the front lawn of Mom's home beside the lake, but it cleared up. The wedding went off with only one hitch, that between the bride and groom! It hailed during my daughter's indoor wedding, in 2005!

There were ups and downs, and I was so stressed out with worry. Thankfully, yes, it was fun with the grandkids. The city of Vancouver is fabulous for tourists.
We did some touristy things, bought souvenirs, visited Stanley ParkStanley Park nanny trees, with the kids and grandkids, and Vancouver Aquarium photosVancouver Aquarium - Graham Amazon Gallery, with the bride and groom, kids and grandkids.A lovely couple of lunches and a breakfast with two delightful Albertans.

I babysat the girls, while hubby visited with friends, and the kids went out and met my other son and his girlfriend. We plunked JLs iPad on the booster seat and had our own theatre! Aren't they sweet?!
We watched Frozen. Again!

I just find eating out gets onerous after awhile, especially when one has dietary issues. Poor hubby trying to figure out what he could eat that wouldn't upset his stomach, and didn't contain dairy. He'd have a stomach ache for hours or days. He was a trooper.

Our bell hops!
Back at the Langley hotel, having checked out of the Vancouver hotel, Caitlin helped her stepfather unpack, in the rain! My hair was done for the wedding rehearsal and I didn't want to get it wet! I gave my granddaughter, Jofee,
 a loony and she gave her mommy a tip! It was a good joke!

That was all good, and we definitely
Can you name this magazine?
supported the BC economy between souvenirs and admission to the tourist venues.

The girls loved their bunk beds in the family-oriented hotel room in Langley. It was a great hotel.

My Buster meows for freedom,
Daisy hasn't spotted me yet!
Daisy looks desperate
It was wonderful to get home. The next morning we drove to the Cat's Meow Inn to pick them up. Sadie was rather ticked off and didn't want to come out of her kennel. She was in a room of her own!
Buster busted out, as did the girls, they had a deluxe suite for the 3 of them.
The new owners are delightful, and very caring.

Who let the cats out? ME!
We just opened the carriers,
 and the car trunk door
when we arrived home.
 We managed chores: unpacking, gardening, groceries, laundry, renewing hubby's licence (SIGH).


Kay L. Davies said...

If I could count, I'd say that over all, the good might have outweighed the bad, because the bride and groom did get hitched (always a bonus at a wedding) and everyone arrived home safely, including the cats.
And we arrived home safely, too, although I've been sleeping a lot since getting here.
It was so wonderful to meet you and your husband, and to be able to hope we might get out your way some day, to meet the girls and the cats, and the deer, and Geraldine...
Love, K

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

I think it was our mindset, Kay. With JB's bad news about his cancer cells still in his body, the kids crying over their late respective fathers, and I was just disintigrating from time to time.
The important stuff, as you say, went well. Transportation to and from, meeting up with people.
I was crying at the drop of a hat! sigh.

Red said...

Now is there a story on the Surrey RCMP or did I miss something. Travel is stressful and with a few extra challenges it can be downright miserable.

William Kendall said...

Well, all in all, good to be back home. The cats will be pleased to have you regularly at their beck and call again.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
I have to say you gave us all the good news and kept the bad almost as a sideline here... so all in all, as Kay says, the scales favour the positive. ...and if anything is going to bring up 'the bubbles' family gatherings will do it! I hope you find that it has, in retrospect, been cathartic (as indeed the writing of it might) and you can really enjoy 'home'

...seems I missed the bit of news about health not being as good as hoped. Healing thoughts being held... YAM xx

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

It's always good to be home, no matter how much you love travel (and we do obviously), but after a trip like that even more so. But as you say, there were good parts (wedding, yay!). Hope you get to travel back to BC someday under happier circumstances.

Christine said...

congrats on your son's wedding, an exciting time!