Saturday 21 June 2014

Cleaning out the wood duck nesting box

This way, mom!
You need a certain amount of equipment: screw driver to remove the screw, and open the door. New bedding material for another potential nester. Daisy - to help supervise. My bug hat is helpful, so long as I don't trap a mosquito in it before placing it on my head. THAT was a pain!

The end result: the last egg to hatch, left in the box. The other 5 shells were removed by mom.
One egg had a malformed baby and didn't get itself out of the egg. Three did not hatch.
Total eggs laid: 9, with 5 live babies videotaped leaving across the vernal pond!

Of course, I had Daisy to help, but a deer came by, too!

Dear helpers from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.
Down I went to clean out the Wood duck nesting box. Daisy was my helper, despite the mosquitoes, as well as a doe scratching her muzzle on a tree branch. The deer flies are horrible to all critters of the forest, including the cats. We tried to avoid wading through the poison ivy patch. It is dreadful!


eileeninmd said...

How nice of Daisy to help you! I am happy to see 5 of the eggs were hatched.. Happy weekend to you!

William Kendall said...

Daisy is obliged to come and supervise you.

I'm sure the deer will be happier in a month or so when the bulk of those bugs are done with.

Red said...

Wood duck reproduction is a very interesting process. Most don't know that they are cavity nesters.

Nancy J said...

Daisy, a deer, one little one that didn't get to live, all part of nature and life. and the video, Mum calling so loudly, and then 5 babies swimming to her voice. Anyone would have tears of joy to see them together again. I guess the cleaning part is not so nice!!!Cheers,Jean.