Thursday, 24 April 2014

NaPoWriMo Day 24 –masonry

Masonry was the prompt for today! Here is a mason/poet who only writes of masonry!

Build it up

lift that stone
find the right one
make it fit
pick up another stone
note the standing wall on the right
Port Elmsley
eye it carefully
it just doesn't quite fit
don't throw it away
put it aside for another day
each stone is precious
they do nothing
nested in amongst one another
they provide a firm foundation
a solid wall
an invitation
to set down roots
a lasting creation

I've been waiting for them to finish this beautiful set of pillars. They aren't yet done, which makes me imagine they are being done by a family member or a friend.
Perth, the town nearest to us, has a long history of masonry, with stone masons imported from Scotland to create some beautiful old buildings, dating back to 1816, when the town was founded.
Algonquin College teaches this craft. I've captured several videos of the students working. They do work repairing the buildings as part of their practicum. I happened by one day! The local stone, and the demobilized Scots officers with money, meant that they built a strong number of solid buildings.


Peter Roberts said...

Nice poem Jennifer!

William Kendall said...

A good poem!

Masonry's certainly one of those attention to detail trades that I would not have been able to master.