Monday, 14 April 2014

Busy birds building in bathroom vent

I was in the bathroom and heard some scritching in the ceiling fan. On no, mice!
Then, I spotted Dorah up on the window ledge, gazing determinedly at the tree outside the window. She was bird watching.

You know that spring brings busy birds. If they can find a hole in a wall, that is perfect. This isn't the one, hunnybuns...

Birds in my belfry from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.
Yes, birds. Dorah was sitting in the bathroom window. I knew that the vent flap had fallen off. She knew that there were birds flying towards her in the window. The day before there were robins. Today, starlings. (Here they were!)
The birds have been busy. Somehow, the flap came off of our bathroom vent. The birds thought it a good place for a nest. They took turns flying at it, checking out the spot for a nest.
We went to the store, bought a new vent kit. I hauled the ladder up, and removed the old one.
Of course, the vent had been there 30 years, and the vent tubing, between the fan and the metal tube, fell apart. I put in the new one, but it isn't connected to the vent fan.
So now, when the wind blows, the flap goes.
You should have seen me up the ladder, with my tool belt on, drill banging on my leg, carrying the vent.
Hubby remembers the day I fell off the ladder. Pretty bruises! Pretty scary!
He makes me more scared than I might otherwise be.

home repairs from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.


Roan said...

You are right about those birds finding a hole. I have a place at the corner of my roof that has become a sparrow nest. Hubs plans to fix that when he can get a day off that coincides with no rain. Good luck with the repairs. Stay off the ladder. :)

Rusty said...

Squirrels too! Had one very POed critter inside the range hood. He got in but could not climb back out. Time for some very heavy gloves. Got him out without any harm to squirrel or hands.

Karen said...

The dirty devils are on the edges of my eaves every morning trying to find a loose edge to worm their way in. One year they DID get in at the front and made a terrible mess. Then we opened had to do a roof repair and all the steel roofing was removed, we discovered they had pulled out most of the insulation and made massive nests out of all sorts of crap they'd picked up here and there. All garbage, it was just horrible! I used to get mad at my neighbour for sitting on his front porch with a shotgun early in the mornings. When I told him about our experience he told me about the horrible damage they'd done to the roof of his heritage home.

eileeninmd said...

I guess the starling has to find a new spot for a nest, it is a bad place. Good luck with the repairs.

William Kendall said...

Dorah's thinking, "let me out..."

Red said...

Well, where's the picture of the handiman on the ladder?

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

No photo, Red! The 'handiman' is also the photographer! Thankfully.