Friday, 4 April 2014

Bread making and April congratulations

Joan Jilks (1925 - 2006)
Today is April 4th. April was a busy month in my family home.
  • The 4th was mom's birthday. 
  • The 12th was my parents' wedding anniversary. They made it to 59 years of marriage! 
  • My brother's birthday is April 21st.

My late mother and my daughter
Music drove my Mom's life. Still working on that danged cross stitch she was unable to finish!
Mom hosted the best parties.
She always baked cookies when she knew we were coming. Also, baked chicken. Always.
Dad was the baker. He did the turkey and stuffing, on special occasions.

I tried to make some bread machine bread and even though I tested the yeast, it was dead bread. I was thinking of my parents, as my late father taught my ex-husband how to bake bread from scratch. I cannot tell you how many times dead bread was the result many years ago!
Dad (1925 - 2007) baked up a storm at Christmas.
Mom loved her Christmas parties!
Yes, that's me!
Mom and Dad

Mom was celiac and made rice bread,
while dad bought a bread machine for his bread!
This was a sad, little dead bread!
The yeast expired in 2012. 
Brand new yeast and I was successful.
Dad would have been proud!


Other Mary said...

This was such a nice reminiscence. What is it about bread? I have memories, wonderful ones, of my grandma and my Aunt Loretta baking bread. I've tried, but for some reason I usually end up with something more closely resembling a doorstop than a loaf of bread! Yours looks yummy though!

Olga Hebert said...

I can make bread, but I seldom bother. My son and my brother in law are the family bakers. I do love a warm loaf of homemade bread. These are great pictures of your family.

Hilary said...

Lovely memories here, Jennifer. I don't dare bake anything.. I know I wouldn't be able to resist consuming it far too quickly.

April is a big month in my family also.

It's my son's birthday, today. My Dad's was the 27. He also passed away in April on the 17th. My nice was also born on the 17th. And we lost my grandmother many decades ago on the 18th.

I guess any given month is filled with events if we live long enough but it seems that there are one or two busier months within families.

William Kendall said...

My mother's father liked to bake bread.

Carver said...

Great memories and shots.

Red said...

Nice touch to remember your parents around the theme of bread. I like home made bead but I don't get much. Keep on baking bread.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Beautiful memories shared with us (thank you). I know yeast is alive, but I never thought about 'dead bread' if it doesn't work. Very appropriate.