Sunday, 23 March 2014

Spring fever: we're rearranging hubby's office

They're both in camouflage!
Sadie at the head, Dorah at the foot of the bed.
Poor old Sadie. She likes to sleep on her bed in the office.

She likes Dorah, who is fairly benign. Daisy follows her, in total fascination, whilst Buster likes to tease her and taunt her into playing. She won't have any of it.
She likes this room, as Buster doesn't usually go in and she can sleep safely.

We seldom use it as a guest room anymore. We decided to change it up. Hubby needs more space for his historical books. They never have them at the library, even if he buys one and donates it, they are usually sold rather than shelved. The library isn't eager to take up shelf space for these particular books. We needed more shelving, but also needed a spot for Sadie.

Sadie loves *her* office!
She looks out the window at the birds.
Of course, the big deal was to find a spot where she could sit with hubby, who is her favourite person in the whole world. First, we went to a Smiths Falls 2nd hand shop. I spotted a great dresser. We negotiated, did you know they were having a 30% off sale?!

Sadie didn't know how to get up on the dresser. We added another table. Nope. Look who likes the bed.
Tried this first.
Sadie could sleep up here!
Plus lots of storage!

Daisy, the little twerp, has taken it over.

It's a better arrangement, the cat bed for Sadie.
Except she won't get into it.
This is how hubby feels about these changes! Soon, "all will be revealed!" Grampa started this with the girls last year!

changes from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Rather than taking to her new room, Sadie has taken over the guest room bed, on the double bed, which is where Daisy usually sleeps.
This WAS Daisy's spot.
This is her usual look for me.
I'm the one that captured her and she's never forgiven me!

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eileeninmd said...

I guess Sadie and Daisy will have to share that guest room.. Cute kitties!