Monday, 27 January 2014

Smiths Falls Dominion Tankard Jan. 27th – Feb. 2nd

I donated my curling broom as an auction item for Ontario's 2014 Dominion Tankard. One of the volunteers took a photo of me with the Tankard!

The Tankard cup competition begins TODAY!

Unfortunately, despite having donated my signed broom for the silent auction fundraiser, hubby is having surgery and we cannot attend!

The Dominion Tankard

You know we don't curl. But the cats do! We work out when we watch curling. Does that count?

My broom
signed by World Skips!
Like poster boy:
☛ Thomas Ulsrud - Norway 
My faves are the snazzy pants!

Watching from the tub
in our hotel room!

I won the broom for
a photo like this!
Working out!


Anonymous said...

We love watching curling and look forward to watching the various competitions over the winter.

Debbie said...

hehe, i was a lil confused at first, but now i get it, i think.

a broom is the curling stick?? kinda like a hockey stick??

Kay said...

I've seen curling and wondered what it was like to play with it.

Sending you lots of aloha for your husband. My husband is going in for an angiogram this week so that's a worry too.

Red said...

Now I'm really lost as to how the broom of a non curler should be in a fund raiser!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Blogger just ate the last comment - the essence was - here in the home of curling I have yet to see it appear on the screen!

...and there were wishes of quick recovery, regardless of procedure, for hubby. YAM xx

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

*I* didn't sign the broom, Red! It was signed by the

Ford World's champions
skips 2013
☛ Brad Jacobs - Canada
☛ Rui Liu - China
☛ Jirí Snítil - Czech Republic
☛ Rasmus Stjerne - Denmark
☛ Aku Kauste - Finland
☛ Yusuke Morozume and Brad Jacobs
☛ Yusuke Morozumi - Japan
☛ Thomas Ulsrud - Norway
☛ Andrey Drozdov - Russia
☛ David Murdoch - Scotland
☛ Niklas Edin - Sweden
☛ Jirí Snítil and Rui Liu
☛ Sven Michel - Switzerland
☛ Brady Clark - USA

Powell River Books said...

I've learned to like hockey, but curling is still a bit confusing. Maybe I should visit the curling rink in Powell River to get some pointers. They even have free lessons. - Margy

Carol L McKenna said...

Hope Hubby is on the mend ~ thanks for info on curling ~
carol, xxx