Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Muskoka snow angels are getting into some fun

Snow angels - my Muskoka friend began getting creative! When you are given lemons, make lemonade. They had 18" of snow in one go, thanks to the Lake Effect Snow squalls that pick up moisture from Georgian Bay.
Here is angel #1

#2 Ta Da...Sebastien's snowdog angel 

Snow angel #3, the trumpeter was trampled  by the dogs as we played in the snow.

#4. Today's snow angel touched down on her way to the sunny south! 
Hopefully she has sunscreen in that beach bag! She's awfully white 

Snowangel #5 over indulged in the Christmas spirit
so she's been grounded.
Remember, if you're flying? Don't drink!
Same goes for those of us who prefer wheels over wings!
Don't drink and drive!! 
#6 Today's snow angel AKA Imaklutz fell
while attempting to put up lights!
Fortunately all the snow cushioned her fall 

#7 Today's snow angel fell out of her snow canoe!
Won't you join the Friends Circle of Snow Angels? Strength in numbers 

An angel in progress:

Today's snow angel's way is well lit as she carries the world's troubles upon her shoulders.

Angel - The night watchman...
Isabelle made an angel, too!

Angel on the lake


Olga said...

This made me giggle! Lemonade?....Or way too much time on one's hands?

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Look at that blue one! I remember going cross-country skiing and learning for the first time that snow was blue ...(we never got deep snow in the part of Oregon where we lived, so that first mountain trip was a learning experience.) Stay warm.