Tuesday, 7 January 2014

I was Christmas crafty this holiday

Have you seen these?
 I saved them for two years until I collected enough and figured out what to do with them! They contained liquors, and were a nice treat. I'm off treats this month, but this reinforces why! I've been careful, and lost 5 lbs., trying to get myself back on track and away from treats. I've done lots of outdoor work, and regular exercise. Having temperatures of -15 C., I've hauled in some firewood to supplement our heat. Our region is short propane, and I'm being frugal with heat. It's good exercise hauling in wood. Bracing in these temperatures!

My son's fiance had a suggestion: put lights in them!
I did!
I hot glued them, and put them on the counter
(I was short 1 bottle!)
Next I had to figure out how to photograph them. I hauled out the manual!
They look lovely in the darkened kitchen.

I had also saved these little light bulb bottles until I had enough to decorate the wee trellis.