Tuesday, 21 January 2014

I know Spring is coming, but baby it's cold outside

I love watching the deer.
The one in the rear was keeping
to the forest.
 Another cold one. I wanted a bright spot of colour, in this
So cold! -30 C. = -20 F.
frozen January. Outdoors yesterday, I cleared the driveway of about 3" of snow. Not so bad, at -11 C., but when I went to the back to feed the birds, my fingers went numb. I couldn't feel my thighs, as I don't have any snow pants. But I did it! A nice, hot shower followed.

The 4-legged critters amble about slowly. Birds bop about on the frozen feeders, eating the black sunflower seed on the frigid trees. Frantic chickadees seem grateful for the food.

Today, it's rather brisk out there. The arthritis makes my hands  hurt. I'm glad it didn't snow last night. With an anticipated high of -20, I have full bird feeders and I might not venture forth!

The Meals on Wheels dispatching
- hard to find volunteers to do this!
Hubby will be dispatching and delivering Meals on Wheels.
I feel badly for anyone out there today.

Indoor recess, for sure! (Those were the good, old days!) You
build character doing yard duty in -20 C. temperatures. The kids were fine, as they were sent to school with good winter clothing or 'borrowed' it from the Lost and Found. These days, principals seem reluctant to send kids out in winter, or in rain! We all dressed for it; fresh air and fun.

They walk, like ghosts,
in the forest.
Crunching footsteps on the snow.
Somedays, docktails can be cool!
This is not a good day for play.
This, back in Bala, playing in the snow.

Bear has a Valentine cape; Frosty has his February t-shirt.

Frosty needed a certain something.
A snappy hat, too.
He needs another paint job in Spring.

Dapper red tie, with mirror sequins!


Bill Nicholls said...

HArd to think of places that cold, think I'd stay in and look out as well

Hilary said...

Your decorative characters are so cute. Fun stuff. It sure is cold out there today. At 6, this morning, it was -33 here. Brrrr. The contractor who came by to do some work today said there was a deer sleeping in our temporary boat garage. Too sweet.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

The red color spots look wonderful. I can only imagine such cold! Recently heard a thing on NPR about one of the Scandanavian countries (I think it was Norway, but not sure) and how school kids have recess outdoors in all weather no matter what and how they firmly believe it makes them smarter and stronger. (I suppose if they survive ;>))

Red said...

We get soft when we stay inside. so good for you for getting outdoors and being active.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I would have a hard time getting out in those temps.

Christine said...

yes these are cold days, but they are getting longer and brighter!

Kay said...

I love your colorful, whimsical creations on such a cold day.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Loving all your garden critters - live or otherwise!! It shows a sense of fun, so important during the dark and drear months. I am also of the opinion that we should be out and about as much as is safely possible in all climes as adaptation is the best method of survival and ensures good natural selection... that is what we are talking about after all!! Basic but true.

Bear is sure to catch some gal's eye!! YAM xx