Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Dolphin hunting by the Japanese

Yes. Human's inhumanity towards nature. Yesterday, this story hit the news. They claim to be able to hunt and kill, and sell their captures, for profit. They say these hunts are for research purposes. A 2009 Oscar-nominated documentary film, " The Cove" brought the issue of dolphin hunting in Taiji to the public, with bloody scenes of dolphin slaughter. It continues.

Group: Stressed, bloody dolphins await slaughter in Japan's Taiji Cove

 (CNN) -- More than 200 bottlenose dolphins spent a second day penned in a cove by Japanese fishermen, U.S. conservationists said Sunday, many of them stressed and bloodied from their attempts to escape. The dolphins will spend a third night without food or rest.

CNN first learned about this story through a CNN iReport posted by Martha Brock, an environmental attorney and activist in Georgia. 
Activists on Twitter: As the Annual Dolphin Hunt Ends in Japan, Starts Its Counter Attack


eileeninmd said...

This is sad news and makes me feel sick!

Kay said...

This is so very painful to understand and watch. Is what we do with our livestock for meat a lot more humane though? I'm about ready to become vegetarian.