Thursday, 30 January 2014

1. Dominion Tankard 2014: Ontario men's curling at Smiths Falls

The snazzy tankard!
The Dominion Tankard 2014 is being held in nearby Smiths Falls. Due to our circumstances, I cannot attend, even though I donated a curling broom, signed by the Ford World 2013 Championship skips. (I'd won it for a photo of Dorah watching curling play on TV!)
cat's play

Ontario Curling has a huge number of teams, with many famous names in the sport.

Scott Howard, son of Glenn Howard; Mark Homan, brother of Ottawa's Rachel Homan, off to the Olympics.

The photos aren't great. I'd forgotten my real camera, and took photos with my videocam. I was on my way to pick up my husband from the hospital and was looking for a brief break.

There were lots of local schools kids (about 450), who were able to attend as a group.

Pink Shirt Day

The pink shirts, worn for the morning draw, will be available for silent auction on Wednesday. They are part of the pink anti-bullying campaign, in support of the national
Gotta love them!
They are for sale!

These shirts will be put up for auction beginning Wednesday afternoon (minimum bid $40). As teams are eliminated the bidding for their shirts will stop, with shirts going to the highest bidder. The bidding for the final 2 teams' shirts will close after the fifth end break in Sunday afternoon's final.
Pink Shirt Day is a nation-wide anti-bullying campaign to bring awareness of the growing issue of bullying in schools. School children have been encouraged to wear pink at the same in support of the campaign. Proceeds of the auction will go to the Kids Help Phone line charity, as will the $5 admission for the school children.

Teams and Skips; schedule here

On the middle rink,
Team #3 Mark Homan, Rachel Homan's brother.

It's being covered by TVCogeco
(which we don't get!)

Lots of sponsors and raffles!

The famous Skip Glenn Howard
conferring with Middaugh!


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I just love the picture of Dorah!

Christine said...

hadn't heard of pink shirt day, good cause.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Oh how frustrating to miss so much of something you are passionate about! The broom was a well-deserved prize, because Dorah is adorable!!

Continuing to keep you in the daily round of 'thoughts'... YAM xx