Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Sometimes you laugh, sometimes you cry, but look for the helpers!

Winter is a time for deep respect for many people. Early pioneers bring many stories of fires in the 'good old days.'

Thankfully, we have many services, due to our municipal tax dollars, in infrastructure, to protect us.
Mr. Rogers told us a story (on YouTube):
My mother always told me, when there was bad news, to look for the Helpers!

It is the season when things really get tough for our EMS crews. There are many helpers we can focus on, instead of our trite problems.

We have had very cold weather in this part of the continent, and with cold weather, there are resulting fires, as people seek to keep their homes warm. There are families who are out of their homes, who have lost everything. There are injuries and deaths due to smoke inhalation.

There has been a horrible fire in Kingston, Ontario. It is a good news story, however.

The best photos can be found posted by Kingston Police on their Facebook page.
A beautiful structure, meant for student housing, had a worker on a crane rescued by a CFB military helicopter. Instead of blame, we can honour those who serve the public.

Here they are working in the wee hours, in the cold, to contain the fire. People were evacuated, hydro and gas were turned off, while they fought the fire. The Red Cross came in and provided help and an evacuation site, as well as a phone number for those worried about family and friends.

A retirement home, with 100 residents, was evacuated in a dense area of the city, in the middle of exams for Queens University students.
The hotels are putting people up.
Vehicles were on fire, from winds that spread the fire. Many will have lost much.

There were no fatalities, no serious injuries, which is amazing. They think it was a propane tank that exploded in the building, as they were working.

The stories continue to be grand:
Pete's Cousin Vinnie says the rescued crane operator was also a hero himself.

While the building was on fire, the crane operator picked someone off of the burning building and plucked his fellow worker off of the roof, to put him on the ground. He was on the crane, in the cold, waiting an hour to get off of the crane.

Yes, it was windy, blowing bitter cold. The crane operator wasn't dressed for the weather, since he was in the crane cab. They had to pry the guy off of the crane, as he was in shock.
They have worked all night on the fire
There was a gas station near-by

Kingston, Ontario

what ppl don't know: If helicopter couldn't get crane op, tact team were ready to use alt crane to attempt rescue.


Bill Nicholls said...

makes me wonder how the tank exploded. They can't do it on their own, someone must have been careless.

Hilary said...

First, I love Mr. Rogers and that quote. He was a brilliant, gentle genius.

I feel so much pride for our military (of which my son is a member). I remember watching the school year end sunset ceremonies at RMC when my boy was studying there. If the weather was good, they always demonstrated the helicopter rappel rescues. And here they were in their own haunts putting it to fine use.

I hadn't heard that the crane operator had also rescued someone. Look for the helpers, indeed.

Powell River Books said...

We do have great services, and many of the helpers are volunteers, like Search and Rescue men and women who got out into the bush to help hurt or stranded people. - Margy

DeniseinVA said...

There are always the heroes and always the helpers. I am sorry this had to happen but this speaks highly of the wonderful people in your area.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I am so glad there were local heroes!