Sunday 1 December 2013

Deer kill in the forest: a crossbow

This is where she jumped the fence,
to cross the highway,
with an arrow in her side.
Blood dripping all along the path.
Yes, "Rideau Ferry", the neighbours hunt successfully. They shot one with a crossbow. She wandered all night in pain, with an arrow in her side. It seems inhumane to me. He told he he felt badly, and I can believe it, but I'd rather it was a quick kill if he needs to hunt. They shoot there all the time.

The deer tracks wandered across our property, then crossed the road. There was blood dripping with each step. It got heavier and heavier as she approached the end of her life. It breaks my heart to see this. I understand that it is a sport, but I'd don't understand the sport. Their hunting camp is visited by friends and family. I'm glad we had the property marked so that they knew where their ended and ours begins. Their main camp site is situated on the neighbour's corner of their 600 acres of land, though. I'm sure they aren't aware of this.

He came and told us to ask permission to cross our property to look for the body. It had crossed the highway, after wandering all night. Hubby wanted to check it out to make sure it wasn't our buddy "Tigger." We've watched Tigger grow up for three years. There is one yearling missing its mum. S/he is hanging out with the herd, for now.

The drivers have harvested several deer on the highway. One OPP officer had to shoot one to put it out of its misery. Someone driving by took the body home before it deteriorated, she helped him load it into his vehicle. At least it went to someone's use. Although, the coyotes and the wolf like them, too.

She finally succumbed
The tracks lead all through the forest
Blood drops everywhere she walked
He did track her, to ensure she was dead,
and to recover his arrow.
I cannot imagine bleeding to death
This was in our backyard
for some reason.

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