Saturday, 30 November 2013

November precipitation data

NOV cm/mm Total rain = 68mm 
9-Nov 42 rain
11-Nov  (Trace) snow!
17-Nov 18 mm
21-Nov 3mm
22-Nov 5mm 
26-Nov 20cm  snow!

Nov. 26th big storm. Dumped 20 cm of snow. November is usually a windy month! Winter is coming! Here are my posts on that one.
November 24, woke to -10 C. and pretty grumpy cats. There are a couple of cm of snow.
November 23 we've gone below zero. I had to pry the measurement gauge out of the holder, as it was frozen in the -4 C. weather. Note to self: empty it before it freezes and turn it over or put it away for the winter!

November 10, I've been ill with  a virus! I emptied my rain gauge, after several days ignoring it, and found 42mm!

November 10, I've been ill with  a virus. I emptied my rain gauge and found 42mm!
We'd had rain across several days in a row.
Nov. 10th

We have had various storms, with high winds, crossing the continent. High winds are normal in November, but normally the lakes are beginning to freeze over. The high winds pick up the moisture and carry it across the Great Lakes. ‎- 1 hour ago
    Dozens of tornadoes and intense thunderstorms swept across the U.S. Midwest on Sunday, killing at least six people, causing extensive
Very little snow here in southeast Ontario in November. Central Ontario, my friends in Muskoka, report some.  Just a few flakes here, most of it was rain. Just a trace (T).
Nov. 17th
Nov. 17th what was a tornado across the midwest brought us some rain. There were 6 deaths across the US, with 90km/hour winds in SW Ontario, as reported by my stormchaser Twitter buds.

Finding historical data is interesting.

NOV cm/mm
9-Nov 42 rain
11-Nov T snow!
17-Nov 18
21-Nov 3
22-Nov 5

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