Monday, 25 November 2013

Smiths Falls: Dominion Tankard 2014 Ontario Men’s Curling Championship

Ford World's 2013


Dorah won me a broom!  (Daisy likes tennis, too!)

That would be the broom signed by the world men's players!

I submitted a photo, like these, and ended up one of three winners. I've found a great place to donate it.

The Dominion Tankard is the men’s curling event for Ontario and determines the Ontario Provincial entry in the Tim Horton’s Brier. It takes place in nearby Smiths Falls in the new year! They are having a silent auction.

The Dominion Tankard 2013 Championship team will compete in round robin play to determine who will represent Ontario at the National finals – to be held at Interior Savings Centre in Kamloops, British Columbia, from March 1-9, 2014. The Dominion Tankard will bring thousands of people into Smiths Falls to view this exciting championship.

You have to love their pants!
I love the stained glass piece
- spotted in Gravenhurst!

In honour of my parents, I watch curling. I've never curled, not with my back issues. I do enjoy the friendly competitions. They are ladies and gentlemen. There are no fights, they are good friends and competitors see the rocks and the ice as the enemies, and conquer those who aim for the button.
I love the language: 'Hurry hard!'
They discuss shots: 'It's not terrible!"

In case you think it is simply a spectator sport, you must realize that the family that works out together, watching curling, has physical benefits!
Here we are, in a timed photo, watching curling!

Something about sports!

She even liked the round robin report!

 Ford World's champions skips 2013 

☛ Brad Jacobs - Canada 
☛ Rui Liu - China 
☛ Jirí Snítil - Czech Republic 
☛ Rasmus Stjerne - Denmark 
☛ Aku Kauste - Finland 
 Yusuke Morozume and Brad Jacobs
☛ Yusuke Morozumi - Japan 
☛ Thomas Ulsrud - Norway 
☛ Andrey Drozdov - Russia 
☛ David Murdoch - Scotland 
☛ Niklas Edin - Sweden 
Jirí Snítil and Rui Liu

☛ Sven Michel - Switzerland 
☛ Brady Clark - USA
Niklas Edin

David Murdoch

Sven Michel and Aku Kauste

Brady Clark
Rasmus Stjerne


Red said...

So as well as not watching foot ball, I don't watch curling. I do understand why people watch sports and see nothing wrong with it. Enjoy the curling.

Kay said...

How wonderful that you get to exercise together. We almost bought an elliptical, but decided on the treadmill instead. It's great that you can take turns on different machines.