Monday, 4 November 2013

Goldfish pond update - on frozen pond

It's the last kick at the can. A couple of days ago the temperature rose to 15 C. during the day. Far below normal temperatures. I spotted Geraldine on the side of the pond in the sun. The next day it went down to 5 or 6 C., and Geraldine disappeared into the bottom of the pond. One night was -6 C.
Two days ago... Lo and behold, there was one green frog sitting in the terribly cold water. After the big windstorm, the leaves likely kept some of the warmth in the water. Can you see its beady little eyes?
Smack dab in the centre of the photo!

It hid under a leaf, which I moved away. Eyes closed.

Monday morning, Nov. 4th, the pond has frozen over. Farewell my little buddies! I could still see a few goldfish swimming about.


Kay L. Davies said...

It's -6C here right now, Jenn, but shouldn't get too much colder tonight. Forecast is for -8.
Glad I don't have any fish to fetch, although I think I might worry about your Geraldine.
Cute photo of Tigger, and an excellent warning for motorists.
Dick and Lindy met quite a few deer today, and Lindy did see them. Her distance vision seems to be a whole lot better than her close-ups. She can't see food if we hold it right in front of her. Breaks our hearts, but she seems to be okay with it.
Take care of yourself, and I hope your husband is feeling better. Tell him hi from me and woof from Lindimus Maximus.
Luv, K

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...


Christine said...

this post prompted me to google how these (aquatic) frogs survive in winter. Interesting!

Kay said...

There was a huge dip in temperatures while we were in Chicago. The good thing is it triggered the fall colors which were late this year.