Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A visit to an open house

Yes, while we are not anticipating selling in the near future, I never say never. Circumstances always intervene! I spent 25 years in Toronto, another 25 in the Ottawa area.

Family home: 25 Walker ave.
Growing up in my family home, where mom and dad lived from 1950 until 1991, I moved out when I was married in 1975. In 1981 our family (2-year-old Caitlin) moved to Nepean. From Nepean I went to North Gower, Manotick, Osgoode, and back to Nepean (1998), all the time teaching with CBE, OBE and OCDSB.

When I remarried was living in Nepean in 2002. Hubby #2 was preparing to work from home and we found a great home off of Merivale Rd. that would provide him with an office in 2005. Hubby retired. From there we moved to Muskoka to care for Mom and Dad in 2006. After 4 years living lake side, the raucous tourists drove us away. Now, in Lanark County, we are happy living in our bungalow on our wetland, as my faithful readers will attest!

Our previous home.
Cottage left, house right.
House hunting for two years in Muskoka, we ended  up moving into my late parents' home after mom died and dad's brain tumour returned. Cottage country life changed lakeside. After granddaughter #2, we spent time looking from Arnprior, to Dunrobin, to Cardinal, Kemptville, Merrickville, and back to Perth and saw it all! Here is what to look for in my trip #3 report!

We saw our fair share of lovely homes, and dumps, several of which were suffering from a lack of love and TLC. One had mould in the basement, and an owner who lived off-shore. Another abused by what looked like an angry boy with fist-sized holes in the wall. One had a massive water purification system in the basement. Another, apparently suffered when an owner with moved away, or divorced, and left the home to suffer from windstorms (buckled metal roof) and rot (backed up eavestroughs).

Jason Gibson
Some people overprice their homes right out of the market. Some are desperate for expensive renovations. Having put new rooves on our last three homes, we know the cost of renos (roof: $3000 - $6000), a new garage (about $30,000), and stonework falling apart (steps $5000). We find it interesting to think about places, what kind of family might choose them, and what we might do in terms of renos.

For fun, we went to see a new home for sale in the area. It's been built by Jason Gibson, reclaiming an old barn's timbers, an owner wanted it removed from his property. He repurposed the wood and created a beautiful, bright home, sitting on 7 acres or so on a dead end road.
Jason is quite the builder. He is also involved in the Otty Woods project.
2nd floor loft: open bedroom
Drea (realtor) and Jason Gibson (builder),
gives you a sense of the size

An interesting loft
Room for an other bedroom and bath?

View from the top of the stairs 
back yard

bright, open kitchen

lovely wood throughout
It looks small, but it's bright and spacious


Kay L. Davies said...

Wow, the exterior shot doesn't begin to hint at what's inside. Just stunning!
Every time I see a house with those gorgeous open beams, I wonder how anyone dusts them.
Now I'm going to google "eavestrough and rot" because I can't convince my husband to clean ours out until the very last leaf has fallen. He wasn't raised to do things himself. His parents called someone in whenever handyman skills were needed, and Dick never owned an electric drill until he met me 13 years ago. But if there's any chance of roof-rot, I'd like to be forewarned.
Thanks for the tour through Ontario. I really enjoyed it.
Luv, K

Red said...

I'll bet you're buying! This is just too good to pas up! What's the price?

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

Kay, that's the situation here. Hubby didn't have a father to teach him Mr. Maintenance skills. All the tools are mine and he is not to touch them!

Not buying, Red. $495,000, with too many renos we'd need to make it suit us. I'd want bedrooms for an office, guest rooms, and spare room, and exercise room.
But it is stunning!


I LOVE the open beams!!!

Pearl said...

he made a lovely project. glad another barn didn't just get torn down.

Kay said...

It's gorgeous and sunny looking, but wouldn't the heating of so much space be really expensive, especially in Canada?