Thursday, 14 November 2013

Barns and farm houses -they're ubiquitous

Perth ponders fate of Darou-McPherson property

Darou-McPherson farm house
Perth Town Council is expected to discuss the Darou Farm Property and its buildings and the Committee of the Whole Meeting on November 12th. The town bought the 50 acre property back in 2004 as a buffer to the landfill site, to protect the water table, and in 2009 a consultant said the house and barn had heritage merit.

Thing is, this is an old barn, much like many in the area. Sure, it would be fine to preserve it, but for what purpose?
We have many fine examples of barns across the province, and the country.
I wrote a post about those who recover barn materials, but many are not worth the trouble.
Volunteer firefighters use it for practice
The farm house is a small building, falling apart after many years of neglect. The barn, in behind, is falling apart.

If Council determines that their budget is well-spent on moving and refurbishing an old house like this, then I fear for those who depend upon water, sewers, the food bank, and other municipal services.

The building is a place where teens gather behind it, in the dark, on weekends. Without enough OPP staff to patrol, it's been a neglected source of conflict.

It is quiet, south of town, and trouble can ensue. Neighbours complain. I'm anxious to see if common sense reigns at council.

Darou Farm property and buildings discussion to return to Perth council table

Old church on Bear Cave Rd


Olga said...

It looks as though nature and gravity are having their way with some of those lovely old buildings.

Kay L. Davies said...

That's better, that's my Jenn, discussing worthwhile topics that have nothing to do with Rob Ford.
Some of those photos are beautiful, because some old barns and houses are intrinsically beautiful, but if they are a source of trouble (a place for teens to hide when they're up to no good) then perhaps their heritage status should be removed for the greater good.
Meanwhile, I love your photos.
Love, K

Glen Gower said...

Great post Jennifer. Here in Stittsville we're keeping an eye on a property on Huntmar Drive. There's an abandoned farmhouse (in great condition) that dates back to the 1870s. There are also two beautiful old barns that were demolished in the past few weeks.

Here's more info:

bettyl-NZ said...

Those are some great buildings! I adore that little church! I'm sure some are worthy of upkeep for heritage reasons but it does make one wonder if the Council makes the best decisions.