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Book Review: The Twelve by William Gladstone

 A fiction suspense thriller, The Twelve, a novel by William Gladstone, about an unusual and unsuspecting hero, Max, as he ventures on a journey of destiny to discover the secret behind the ancient Mayan prophecy about the "end of time.” Gladstone's sequel, The Power of the Twelve, hits shelves in October, 2013.

A publicist sent me this book, as well as the one that followed, The Power of Twelve.

It was slow to start, but I was interested in the character Max. Of utmost importance to me is character development; as then I care what happens. This fictional novel has some bearing on present day. For those keen on New Age, or spiritual lives and complimentary therapies, they will find this book a good read. I found it a lovely trip around the world.

The Mayan calendar, as many of my readers know, was purportedly to have predicted the world that was to be ended in December 21, 2012. This was to have been a significant time, 12/21/12. There is much that is a mystery to us. There is much controversy, as well.

I enjoyed how Gladstone wove in this mysterious calendar into his novel. Some of it was somewhat contrived, and I think the first book was better, but if you are looking for such a read, and are open to modern ideas, you will enjoy it as much as the setting. His characters takes trips around the world and his descriptions are well-written and real sites.

History Channel Mayan Calendar 2012

Bearing 56 delicately carved hieroglyphs, the stone referring to the year 2012 commemorated a royal visit to La Corona (which the ancient Maya called Saknikte’) by the ruler Yuknoom Yich’aak K’ahk’ from the great Maya capital of Calakmul on Jan. 29, 696 A.D. Read more
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Barrie said...

I have a friend who's interested in Mayan stuff. I sent her this link. Thanks for reviewing!

Kay L. Davies said...

So glad the fish have been brought in. Or "most" of them. What happens to the ones left behind? I know wild fish aren't brought in during the winter, but I'm curious about yours.
I have always been fascinated by the Mayan people, but this Gladstone (as opposed to the old Gladstone) doesn't sound like anyone I'd rush out to read. I'm not sure what you mean about modern ideas, so not sure what his ideas would be.
I am beginning to take the end of the world seriously, however, not because of anything any supreme beings have planned, but because human beings are not taking good care of the planet. There is going to be a real crisis if colony collapse continues to wipe out bees, for instance, and of course we have climate change and global warming, and fracking for natural gas ruining water supplies, and politicians who don't care.
Sad, and I am in no position to do anything to ensure the world will remain a good place for the present generation of small children.