Sunday, 22 September 2013

First day of Autumn: September 21st Rainfall: 46mm!

       SEPT             mm
Total rain: 130mm.
What a storm, what a dump of rain!
I'm glad we are high and dry, with gullies and wetland all about. After my coffee, I should go check out the frog pond! It rained all day, yesterday, and all night. Buster was somewhat grumpy. Somebody in my house has to go clean the eavestrough!

Today is the first day os the Autumn Equinox.
We've been happily getting sunny days for the past week.

The changing light levels are interesting, as well as plants dying back and going dormant, critters (wasps!) stuffing themselves. Journey North tracks sunlight, the changing seasons, migration information, as a crowd source. The hummingbirds as they disappear, and return, as well as other critters.

My bean plant, from harvested seed,
has now produced flowers!
I often document changes around me. Last year's drought was terrible. The bean plant set seeds mid-August in 2012. Now, September, they are just flowering with all of the rain.

Phenology: The Seasonal Timing of Life Cycle Events
Phenology is the study of the seasonal timing of life cycle events. You are studying phenology when you record the date a certain plant grows, a tree's leaves emerge, an insect hatches, or a migratory bird appears on its nesting grounds. The dates on which these happen each year are affected by factors such as daylength, temperature, and rainfall.
The Equinox is Coming!
Are days and nights equal on the equinox everywhere on Earth. Please report daylight hours.

They link to US data bases to determine your sunrise and sunset, but I found a Canadian site. I found it interesting comparing Ottawa and Toronto, the two major cities near us.




Al said...

It looks like the days are slightly longer than the nights on the equinox, but I forget the reason why. Stay dry!

magiceye said...

We just had a couple of thunderstorms, hopefully saying goodbye to Mumbai!

Leslie's Garden said...

Hello Canada from Newnan, Georiga. I've enjoyed my visit. I've looked around your posts and have seen so many beautiful and interesting things! I would be your newest follower, but I'm not sure of the google link so I didn't do it. But I will for sure be back!

Red said...

You're just a wealth of information today. I will have to look at these sites as I like watching those happenings.

Kay said...

Interesting... We're suddenly getting a lot of rain out here in Hawaii too. We've had a drought situation for awhile, but the last couple of days have given us rain every hour or so.

Hootin' Anni said... that is a LOT of rain. Is your house flooding on any of those days?

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Happy Fall! Glad you're up on high ground there...