Monday, 30 September 2013

Bicycling in Ontario –I'll be glad when THAT season is over!

This is so sad. 
Oncoming traffic.
Thankfully, they pulled in somewhat
Cyclists killed on Trans-Canada Highway identified -
 Two cyclists on a cross-Canada trip were killed one July afternoon on Highway 11/17 near Red Rock. A group of 25 cyclists traveling across the country. It was on one couple's bucket list to do so. I can see how it would happen. Drivers get frustrated, they try to pass, and there is a
dangerous situation. They were part of a Tour de Canada.

I have photos of bike riders. We have big bike tours around here, and I've been to council to protest them. They simply do not stop in our towns, they cycle through, causing traffic issues. We need a wide shoulder to accommodate them.

Saturday, on our trip around Ontario, we encountered yet another group of people biking. I just wish they would drive single file. It is frightening to see oncoming cars.

My friend, Norah, reported on another fatality.
Cycling accident claims life of Bracebridge doctor 
Posted on July 24, 2013 by Norah Fountain
UPDATE: July 25, 11:00 AM: OPP Sergeant Peter Leon has confirmed that 67-year-old Gordon Riddle, a doctor in Bracebridge, has died from serious injuries sustained from his cycling accident on Sunday.
Clumping. Cars pulled around them.
Single file, please


Icy BC said...

Fantastic captures, and it's fun to see cyclists!

Rideau Ferry said...

Interesting, there was a funeral passing thru town today and all pulled over out of respect as is the tradition....there were a group of cyclist who continued on and passed all the vehicles who were pulled over....guess they feel they are above that.

EG CameraGirl said...

Yes, they really ought to ride single file. And people driving cars need to be more respectful too. How sad the doctor was killed!

Kay said...

This is so sad. We've had quite a few bike accidents here too.

Red said...

I don't know why the powers that be don't wise up and provide room for cyclists. Some cyclists show very inappropriate behavior and that has to be dealt with.

Kay L. Davies said...

There seems to be a shoulder on either side of your roads wide enough for a single-file bike lane. Bike racers ought to have pilot cars before and after them. My young brother is a recreational cyclist, and now his 10-year-old son is getting the bike bug. The thought of either of them being killed is more than I can bear, Jenn.
When Dick and I were in the Netherlands, we were surprised to find out cyclists ALWAYS have the right-of-way there, before motor vehicles and pedestrians. It seems strange, but at least there is a law there to deal with the subject of cyclists.
Such a sad day for Ontario.
Luv, K

Bill Nicholls said...

Used to great as a kid to be able to ride round carefree on your bike, now it is too dangerious. A few years ago a firend of mine was killed (murdered would be a better word)by an inconsiderate youngster who overtook a car and hit my mate in the process of coming out of a junction. They found him 50 yards away in a hedge. I was gutted when I heard. SOme cyclists thingthey have a right to ride where the want and cause problems but it's more that the driver is too impatant to follow till it is clear to overtake.

Anonymous said...

So sad to hear!

Christine said...

Terrible tragedies, I worrynwhen my husband bikes around town , it is so crowded in the city.