Wednesday 21 August 2013

Bats in my belfry? Nope. Bedroom - just 1 bat

I know that bats come into the house via the chimney. I put up cardboard to block the normal venting system in the heat of the summer. The grandkids were over and asked permission to use the cardboard for art. Me, in my dotage, forgot why the cardboard was there under the stairs. duH

Just as I was easing into the day.
As I was sitting doing my blogging, a bat flew into the room. They come in through the chimney, when a hot night changes into a hot morning, around dawn. It went into the bedroom, where Buster was happily sleeping off his midnight carousing. It promptly began to fly in circles. First, clockwise, now counterclockwise!

Now, having turned off the light, it has gone behind the painting on the wall. I'm not sure what to do next! Daisy and Buster are intrigued.
Normally, I capture them after they land on the wall, using a net, but I cannot reach it!

Hubby is out doing Meals on Wheels. I need a plan!

Bat in the bedroom from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.


Red said...

Most people would freak but you wouldn't!

Jenn Jilks said...

Well, Red, I had to go in the room a couple of times, once to try to open the glass door. It didn't want to hurt me, just wanted out!
I kept thinking how frightened it was.
I love standing on the back deck, at dusk or dawn, watching them eat all the dang bugs!
I looked at it as a problem to solve.

Quarkybirdy said...

We had a little brown bat in our living room a couple of weeks ago, took us a good 20 minutes to show him the way out☀️