Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Post #9 Ferry photos!

The ferry was fun, too.
I love the organized line-ups, as people wait for the hourly ferry to come and go. It is quite a lifestyle.

The crew were wonderful! Lots of smiles as we ran around snapping photos! There was a group of people on bikes. When the rains came, cats and dogs, they were soaked! The sheep weren't really amused. You know where they were headed! The cow liked its shelter.
It was a grand trip on Salt Spring Island.


Bluebell Woods said...

I love the pictures. Dont like to think where the sheep were going unless for a hair cut and I hope the cow was not for meat. Such a lovely face it makes me sad. Ferry;s are fun most of the time

Christine said...

lovely trip, lovely photos Jenn!

Powell River Books said...

We get to do the ferry thing tomorrow to head home after a week in Bellingham. I am going to make reservations just in case. We are traveling with our cat (we discovered he is actually 21, not 18) and he doesn't travel too well. He refuses to eat, drink, or do his business for the full 6-8 hours it takes us to get up the coast. If we missed a ferry it would really put some stress on his old bones. - Margy